5 Reasons to opt for New Air Conditioner Installation

It is very common for people to turn off their air conditioners during the winter and autumn seasons. They usually turn on the system during the summer and spring seasons. Since there is long gap between the winter and spring season, the air conditioner is most likely to show some chinks in its armor. Hence, it is important for the user to hire an expert air conditioner contractor to check the air conditioning system before putting the unit away during the winter. If the system is really old, the user can look at replacing the air conditioning unit.

Some of the usual reasons why people decide to opt for new air conditioner installation are:

1. When You Want to Save Some Money

One of the primary reasons why people replace their air conditioners is to save money in the long-term. The user should spend enough time researching on the air conditioner that will suit your home and your lifestyle. New air conditioner installation is usually preferred during the summer or the fall. This timeline gives users the opportunity to conduct adequate research instead of settling for an air conditioner that is similar to the existing one. Since a new air conditioning system costs a lot, the homeowner can structure the finance system in such a way that it can be covered under a home equity loan. You can get the same on EMI.

2. Opt for Better Energy efficiency

If a leak springs in the ducts, the user usually loses close 14% of the energy. Hence, the homeowner when opting for a new air conditioner installation can opt for a conditioning system that operates without the help of ducts. This helps in better energy savings too. A central air conditioning system should contain a filter that is highly efficient. This is because it cleanses the air as it passes through the system and the overall level of dust and pollen in the air is drastically reduced. If the air conditioning has been used for few years now, it is obvious that the air filter is close to being non-usable. Sometimes replacing the filter might not be sufficient. The entire air conditioning system might need to be replaced. If an existing air conditioning system is integrated with a new technology-based component, the overall efficiency of the integrated system considerably goes down. Hence, the home owner should consider going for new air conditioner installation if the old one is not in working condition.

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3. When You Match the Air Conditioner System with The Existing Fire Place Unit

In a typical house, the air conditioner and the furnace unit usually share the same blower and the same air handler. If both the systems are matched with a handler that is efficient, both the systems will work properly and provide the comfort you need.


4. Too Much Repair Costs

In the context of guarantees and warranties, manufactures usually do not honor their sales agreement terms in a new system which is integrated with an old air conditioning system. Hence, to avoid any kind of issue related to this factor, especially the high maintenance costs, it is best to go for new air conditioner installation. It would mean a one-time cost but would save you efforts of constant management and maintenance hassles.


5. Incentives to Customers Who Use Efficient Systems 

There are certain countries and states that provide incentives to customers who use efficient air conditioning systems. Since the performance of an air conditioning system gradually decreases over the years, it is obvious that a 5-year old system will run at a low efficiency as compared to the new one. Hence, periodic new air conditioner installation ensures that the home owner saves costs related to energy in the long run.

So, do consider these factors when you go for new air conditioner installation.

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