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Create Your Own Cottage-Style Garden

Although associated with cottages and adorable rural landscapes, cottage-garden style won the hearts of city people across the world. One does not have to live in a cottage nor a century ago to enjoy the charming abundance and explosion of colors. Relaxed atmosphere, informal design, and delightful natural look make these gardens a gorgeous site for sore eyes and a perfect refuge from the outer world. Not only that cottage gardens go well with any home style, but they will unquestionably add more charm and character to your house. However, in spite of looking so untamed and cluttered in the loveliest way, cottage-garden style does require a certain sense of order. Here are a few basic rules.

Native and old-fashioned plants

Plant a variety of flowers and don’t hold back when it comes to colors. Choose plants that grow well in your region. Plant roses and other multiple petal flowers next to groundcovers and tuck some annuals somewhere in between. Mix bloomers and foliage to keep it lively year around. Include perennials and evergreen, but make sure to arrange the plants in the way you can see them. Plant shorter in front of the taller ones and make sure to raise flower beds.


Since there are no straight lines in cottage gardens, embrace natural shapes and curvey lines, pathways, and flowerbeds. Curved lines make the garden more inviting and informal, which is exactly what you want to achieve – an organic, slightly messy and completely natural look that invites you to explore the garden and look for hidden gems.


A touch of order in a blissful clutter, a white picket fence is a common detail in cottage gardens. Also, a lattice, in a suitable color like deep green can serve the purpose and revive the look of an old-fashion cottage garden. Stay on the track by placing a proper looking gate, low and welcoming, to intensify the impression of time-travel experience.


Every garden consists of different areas, so a way to connect them is to build pathways that will provide a space to walk. It also brings a sense of order into chaotic and colorful areas, while it is quite easy to build. Pathway materials should match details around the house or the patio, so look for gravel, wood or granite cobblestone pavers that will look natural and add a touch of style to your cottage garden.

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Decorative objects

Anything can stand as a decoration, but cottage gardens require a slightly different approach. Plants themselves are ornamental enough, so a piece of décor, two tops, is all it takes for an authentic cottage garden to shine. Use a simple but elegant item that will create a focal point in the middle of exploding colors. Birdbath, fountain or a simple vintage accessory will do the trick.

A place to sit and enjoy

A patio in the cottage garden can take a lot of space, but still, designate a sitting area and adapt it to the cottage style. A small pergola covered in vines will look tremendous. Also, make use of repurposed garden furniture that will not stand out, but give you a comfortable place to enjoy the view instead.


Unlike any other, seeing a cottage garden always feels like home. Spending time in such adorable pockets of nature feels like a blessing, and it has a positive effect on our state of mind. Whether it is because of the colors, scents or lack of form, these spaces fine-tune us in a way that we remember the true meaning of simplicity and untamed beauty.

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