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You Cannot Heal In The Same Environment That Made You Sick

You Cannot Heal In The Same Environment That Made You Sick
You Cannot Heal In The Same Environment You Got Sick

Quote “You Cannot Heal In The Same Environment That Made You Sick.”

The environment that made you fall apart cannot be the ideal environment for you to heal.

Imagine swimming in a pool with paint instead of water. If you jump in there for a swim you will take on the color of that particular paint. And let’s say that color is red. Obviously, you will keep the red paint on your body as long as you keep swimming in that same red coloured pool. And when you heal, you will understand why you broke down. If we put this in perspective again; once you start swimming in a pool with green paint, you will start to understand why your skin was marked in red before. It was the environment.

Change your environment, if you want to heal that is.

Healing has never been and never will be an overnight process. Certainly not if you keep hanging out with the same people, or keep doing the things that are harming you. The same environment will produce the same results.

You’ve never seen an actual wound “heal”. But, you have probably noticed the changes over a certain period of time. It takes time. If you keep the wound open or keep swimming in the same environment it will take much more time. Staying in the same environment will slow you down.

Please keep in mind that the process of healing doesn’t really end when the wounds are no longer visible. Healing truly takes place when you no longer feel the pain. In fact, pain is what reminds us about the wound, not the wound itself. You could have a wound but if it doesn’t hurt, you wouldn’t worry all too much.

The goal is to be completely healed and free from the pain. Maybe, just maybe, the wound will leave a scar. The deeper the cut, the bigger the scar. What that means is that healing does not mean the damage never existed. True healing means that it (the pain) no longer controls your life.

Take each day one step at a time. Focus on trying to be in a better mental and emotional place than you were the day before.

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One day you will simply notice that it doesn’t hurt anymore.

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