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Obstacles Are Only There To Make You Stronger

Obstacles Are Only There To Make You Stronger
Obstacles Are Only There To Make You Stronger

Quote: “obstacles are only there to make you stronger.”

In the midst of every difficulty lies opportunity. An opportunity to grow, to become better. However, growth is painful, most of the times. When we avoid the pain of growth, we avoid moving forward.

No life comes without obstacles. No road comes without turns.

If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere. A life with no ups, no downs is not really a life. From a medical point of view; if your pulse is all flat, then that would mean that you’re already dead. Being alive includes both the ups and the downs. Experiencing the highs and lows is exactly what makes us feel alive.

Obstacles can be your launching point to propel you further in life. But you have to be willing to be propelled, and to see it as an advantage instead of a setback. Change your perspective.

When you visualise your barrier, what do you see?

What you see is in actual fact what will determine whether or not you make it beyond that barrier. Do you even see a barrier, or do you see an opportunity to learn something new and gain new abilities?

Obstacles don’t have to stop you or demotivate you. They will stop you if, and only if, you choose to stop in front of them. If you choose to see them as something you cannot overcome. And if you start believing the lie that you cannot overcome any of these obstacles, then you fall into a mental trap.

What if you see a wall, but made of glass? Put your mind to work. Think about all the ways you could break it.

If you run into a glass wall, don’t just turn around or give up on whatever you’re doing. Think again. Look again. It’s a glass wall. Figure out how to break the glass and go through. Looking at your barriers as walls made of glass will force you to look through it and see your prize. See your victory.

New strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming all the things and fears you once thought you couldn’t.

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