What’s Normal After Breast Augmentation Process?

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You might know everything about breast augmentation surgery, after all knowledge is a beautiful way of making a process smooth. But there are feelings you won’t know about – unless experienced. There are unexpected feelings that you will have after breast augmentation, but are not mentioned.

Although these odd sensations and emotions are normal but we believe that, an understanding of them and advance preparation can let you handle them like a pro. So, let’s tell you what you should expect to happen with you after implants are placed:

The Physical Things:-

You do get an instant boost in breast size right after breast implants are placed, but it does take a while for them to settle into a final position and look. This also involves adjustment of breast implants with your body. In routine and for most of the women, it takes 2 to 3 months, for healing and settlement. Keep yourself prepared for this duration and also know that:

Your Breast Will Be Too High at First Your implants will be sitting up on your chest after the surgery. Your skin and tissues will take a while in getting situated around the implants. Also add post-operative swelling with this and this will make you feel like your boobs are pointing into your armpits.

It’s normal! In fact plastic surgeon places the breast implants in a specific place on purpose. It’s a part of the entire process to achieve natural looking final result.  The first three months are usually for all these changes to occur, after that the settling is usually subtle and a total of 6 months will reveal the final picture.

Nipples Will Feel Tingly – Breast augmentation surgery affects muscles, nerves, breasts tissues and nipples as well. Throughout recovery process you will have a tingling sensation in your nipples. You will also have short and occasional bouts of pulsating throughout our breast while nerve tissues heal. This will also cause nipples to feel numb, extra sensitive, and sore.

You will also feel your implants moving with chest muscles, especially if you had the implants placed under the muscles or “submuscularly”. Don’t worry, only you will notice this.

The Emotional Roller Coaster Ride:-

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Breast Augmentation surgery not only results in physical sensation and changes but also has a strong emotional impact on life. You will feel depressed, nervous, you will break down sometime, you will feel exhausted, you might even cry, and all such emotional traumas will take over you during the healing process. Here are some thoughts that will cross your mind or leave you haunted:

Second guessing your Decision for Having Breast Implant – Anytime after the breast augmentation process, you will look into the mirror and think if it was the right thing to do or “should I have done this?” Just be ready for a bout of doubts because you will experience them.

NOTE: Invest thoughtfully into this matter and think for a while – you spent an entire life living the way you were before, an overnight change can leave almost anyone stunned. But letting your body change, even for the better, is a big step, and then waking up to the change is certainly huge. You will have days when you feel like a million bucks and then days when you will feel hyper-aware for the changes. You might even feel like the same “you” sometime, so stay focused.

Thinking You Didn’t Go Big Enough – There’s a phenomenon that is known as “Boob Greed”. This feeling takes over many women. When they recover and look at themselves, they feel that they should have gone bit bigger. You can avoid the greed already by choosing the implant size by yourself and wisely. But in case you find yourself thinking bigger in the months following surgery, it’s recommended to wait for a while. You will hit the gym and every time you see yourself, you will feel more confident and better.


Thinking You Went Overboard – Another common thought is that you went too big with your implants. If you feel like this in the first few weeks, relax and give yourself some time. This feeling likely will need time in getting used to the new change. Let you surgeon at Crispin Plastic Surgery advice you and guide you with you Breast Augmentation in Atlanta. Mutual decision is very significant in achieving successful results. The choice of a good surgeon will play a very significant role in choosing the right implants.

The final moment when you’ll actually think, “I love the way I look!” You will actually feel great and recovered. The friends who always talked about their new breasts will eventually enable you to understand what they meant. But before you have breast augmentation surgery, do your researches, learn everything, and be smart about choosing the surgeon and size. You are bound to look and feel beautiful – make it happen!

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