Spinning Tips To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Workout (Video)

Follow these tips for a great workout!

Spinning has become something of a craze in gyms across the world, with more and more people trying out this energetic yet pressure-free workout. One of the main attractions of spinning is that it can be taken at your own pace – there will be an instructor giving directions, but they won’t go all drill sergeant on you if you’re struggling to keep pace with the rest of the group. Plus, as most spinning workouts take place indoors, your routine won’t be hampered by unfavourable weather (unless it gets extreme and stops you from going to the gym!).
If spinning sounds like an exercise you’d like to try, here’s some basic pointers that you should know before your first class.


Get there early enough to prepare

If a class starts at 8, you can’t just turn up at that time and hop on a bike. You’ll need at least 10 minutes to set yourself up comfortably on the bike and adjust the saddle to an ideal height. Also, many instructors won’t let people into the class if they arrive more than 5 minutes late, and being there a few minutes early will get you mentally tuned in to exercise by the time the class begins.


Know what to bring

Even if you arrive a good 15 minutes before the class starts, it’s no good being an early bird if you’ve just sauntered into the gym in casual wear. Proper spinning gear is not all that expensive considering the use you’ll get out of it, while the workout will be far more comfortable if you have the right apparel. Also, a bottle of water will be your best friend as the workout begins to take its toll on your energy levels!


Do what the instructor says

The instructor won’t scrutinise your every move, but that doesn’t mean you can afford to dismiss his/her directions. Remember, they’re the expert on spinning; you’re the student. If you get lazy and don’t follow what they’re saying, you’ll derive no lasting benefit from the spinning classes and you’ll only fool yourself into believing that you’re making progress. Take their advice when it’s given.

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Many more tips in this video!

My Fitness Boutique created this video which contains some very simple yet practical tips for anyone taking up spinning. By following these few steps, you’ll soon feel the full benefits of spinning while also getting plenty of enjoyment out of the workouts!

This content is posted by Michael Nash. Michael Nash works as Marketing Manager for London-based non-subscription gym My Fitness Boutique, which employs 25 fitness instructors across more than 60 different classes. He frequently writes fitness-related articles and is passionate about encouraging people to partake in simple exercise routines every day.

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