4 Problems for Which Dental Veneers Are Important

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A good smile is one of the most beautiful curves as it can do wonders. Well, many people are not happy with their smile. If you are one of those people who dream of having a proper smile like everyone else, then dental veneers can be helpful for you. Sometimes, life experiences and even genetic disorders can conspire against you making your smile not presentable. Dental veneers are one of the best options to give you a proper smile like it should be.Basically, dental veneers are wafer-thin shells which are custom-made according to the size of each tooth of each patient. They are made up of tooth-colored materials so that they don’t seem different than natural teeth. Also, known as porcelain veneers, they are designed to cover the front part of teeth to improve your smile and hide discoloration. Here are 4 problems due to which people can opt for dental veneers:


People with shorter teeth or disproportionate length are often seen today. Due to which, they do not look good in photos and even lack of confidence. The normal size of a tooth should be comparative to lips and portion of gums showing. Worn out teeth or shorter ones can disturb the proportion. Dental veneers can be a life changer for you if you are amongst these people as they can lengthen your teeth and give a more pleasing size. But if you lost a good portion of your teeth, then porcelain crown can be a good option.

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Teeth are meant to be a strong and resilient part of our body but they can also be damaged. Most of the people have a habit of teeth grinding or clenching. Medically, this problem is called bruxism. A serious mouth injury or born with oddly shaped teeth can affect your smile big time. Dental veneers are helpful in giving your teeth a proper and attractive shape. By placing a slightly bigger veneer on your teeth, you can get a full sized even smile.


Gaps & Alignment

The irregular alignment and gaps in between the teeth is a common problem seen in people’s teeth. This gap is called diastema which can be caused mostly due to periodontal diseases, pressing of a tongue against your front teeth and thumb sucking. To overcome these problems, dental veneers are one of the best options. As veneer requires the removal of some part of your teeth, a slightly bigger tooth-colored veneer is placed over the teeth to fix the gaping and alignment problem.

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Your teeth often lose their healthy bright white color due to many reasons. One of the reasons can be the intake of coffee, tea, wine, soft drinks, etc. as your teeth attract stains and yellow color. Another reason can be smoking and use of tobacco. Also, some of the dental diseases that affect enamel and dentin can cause discoloration. To hide the stains and yellow color of your teeth, use porcelain veneers as they make your teeth look healthy, covers the stains and gives a healthy white color for years.

Worn Out

Due to age factor, you would have noticed that old people tend to lose the bright white color as well as the shape of their teeth. This happens because tooth enamel starts to erode and the quality starts reducing. With dental veneers, you can maintain the structure and avoid further erosion.
Dental veneers are truly remarkable in making your smile beautiful and attractive. All the above problems can be prevented by using dental veneers so, visit Dentist Forest Ave Queens and get a beautiful smile in no time!

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