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How Your Experience Could Boost Other’s Growth

LXP - Lifexpe - old man eye faceYour Experience could boost other people growth

Everybody has gone through something that changed them in a way they could never go back to the person they were before. Experience is extremely valuable to yourself and your surroundings. This is a topic that was originally started by A-list singer and actor Tyrese Gibson’s post on Instagram about life experience. We share Tyrese’s vision but there’s no copying intended, so instead of pasting Mr. Gibson’s post right here, we’re going to do also a little explaining within.

Are you aware of how many people wish they knew things that you know? You have been through rough stuff in your life. You were forced to grow up fast. You bumped your head, of course made mistakes and pissed a lot of people off along the way. In the end you have matured, you learned and gathered wisdom from it – as you should. So the key here is to share your life knowledge with your surroundings; your friends, your family, kids, etc. Here’s the thing; If you don’t wanna do it for you.. Do it for me.. or do it for God… Do it for whatever your higher source is. Maybe you had nobody to help you through it, so help someone else that’s going through difficult situations right now and don’t hope for anything in return. Start mentoring teens, become someone’s big brother or sister, start having real “conversations” with people to give them insight and clarity over things that they’re struggling with. You can’t be stressed, depressed, suicidal, irritated or miserable over the things you have clarity over.

 Your experience is valuable

What you know is valuable. So, what you know is important. And if you made it this far and you are still standing, then your life is a living testimony. There’s thousands of people going through similar situations you went through. You can help them just by sharing your experience and how you got out your own way. Matter of fact, that sounds like one of Tyrese Gibson’s books entitled “How To Get Out Of Your Own Way” where he uses his own experience as a learning tool. You don’t need to old to be able to teach someone else.

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Tyrese regularly posts such elevating life tips online and most of the time on Facebook, but he’s not the only one trying to teach us this ‘experience thing‘ being a key in life. As Henry Ford said “the greatest thing in life is experience.” Even mistakes have value.

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