Top Tips On How You Can Stop Cats Pooing In Your Garden

cats pooing in garden

Cats make great pets. From their caring and friendly nature to their soft fur to pat, they can really make any person’s life feel complete. However, when you have a garden, it can be highly frustrating when you find either your cat, or the neighbours cats pooing or leaving unexpected surprises when you’re trying to complete your gardening. If you’ve found a few smelly surprises in your garden, then this expert guide will give you the top tips on how you can stop cats from pooing in your garden. Let’s get started.cats pooing in garden

Best Ways To Stop Cats From Pooing In Your Garden


  1. Water Jet Sprayers

Cats are well known for their dislike of water. Setting up an automatic jet sprayer can help to deter any cats from getting in your garden. These types of water sprayers can be placed within your vegetables or flowers and when it detects the cat close to it, it then sends out a spray of water that will stop a cat from pooing in your garden. Once the cat gets wet a few times, you’ll find it will begin to do its business elsewhere.


  1. Setup A New Area For Them To Poo In

Cats like to poo in areas that are soft, this is generally why your garden is their primary target. A great way to help deter your pet from pooing in your garden is by setting up another area for them to do their business in. Setting a sand box up and filling it with sand or soft soil is a great way to attract them to do their business away from the garden. After you allow them to poo in their new area, they will start to come back each time and leave your garden alone so you can garden without finding any new surprises.


  1. Chicken Wire

Setting up chicken wire over your garden will help to deter cats from digging there. To do this, you simply create a dome shape with the chicken wire, drive stakes back down through it, and tie the wire to the stakes. This dome shape allows your plants to grow without any interruption, but also stops your cats from gaining access to it. When you have to do your gardening, all you need to do is untie the wire and lift it up.

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  1. Use Citrus Peel

Cats don’t like strong citrus scents, so throwing citrus peels across your garden is a great method to help reduce your cat from entering your garden. The strong scent will be overwhelming for their senses and will help to deter them. By creating a strong smell you’ll find that you won’t have any more surprises waiting for you.


  1. Use Cat Repellent Plants

Cats don’t like the smell of some plants, so it’s a good idea to incorporate these plants in your garden when you want to stop cats pooing . Certain flowers such as lavender, rue, lemon thyme, pennyroyal, or Coleus Canina are the top choices when wanting to use them as a cat repellent. When these are planted your cat will immediately deter from entering your garden and will learn to go elsewhere to complete their business.

cats pooing in garden

  1. Remove The Poo As Soon As Possible

Cats have a tendency to return to the area where they can smell their poo from their last bathroom trip. Because of this it’s a good idea to remove any poo from the garden as soon as possible and wash away any urine to help reduce them from returning back to the same location. You can do this using a spade or using the hose to wash away the urine smell.


Cats will poo in an area that is soft and appealing to them. In order to get them to stop pooing in your garden, it’s a good idea to try a few different things to see which one works best for your situation. As you can see above there’s a few different options you can choose from. So which one are you going to try first?



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