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An Insight on the Types and Applications of Led Accessories

The led accessories are extensively used across all industries, business establishments and homes. The LED lights and accessories are available in different colours and are very effective both in illuminating ability as well as affordability. Whether you want these LED accessories for your car decor or for your shop you will have the most inexpensive way to change the ambience and decor and take it to the next level. Apart from providing a very intriguing look to the interiors it will reduce your monthly bills and will not affect the temperature of its surroundings even if you put it on for the entire day and night.

Led Accessories

Types and Applications

The led accessories were initially introduced for the lights bulbs only but over time and due to the popularity and rising demand of LED lights across all establishments many varieties of accessories have been introduced to suit to the needs of the customers. There are a lot of products produced now each having different applications and signature features. Different types of lighting fixtures and accessories that are useful for business, office, home, parking lot, warehouse, shops are available. The list of accessories includes:

  • Wall pack light that is an excellent solution for security purposes in the parking lots. These have durable features like shatter-resistant glass for protection against vandalism and bad weather.
  • Floodlight fixtures are another type of led accessories that can be used for sporting and outdoor events, parking lots and others.
  • You can use fluorescent high bay fixtures for your business establishment, office, and warehouse and even for any industrial space.
  • LED Troffers that have different colour temperatures and are good for utility in schools and hospitals and other commercial office spaces providing clean and even illumination.
  • Suspended fluorescent fixtures are suitable for pendant or surface mounting.
  • You will even get battery powered security lighting as well as quartz bullet flood lights that have been equipped with motion sensors.
  • High bay fixtures are ideal for a temporary and non-ballasted lighting solution for commercial and industrial spaces.
  • Fluorescent strip fixtures are fit for any general task lighting as it can be easily mounted on the wall or ceiling.
  • Vapour tight fluorescent fixtures are energy-saving lighting option that has a long strip fixture.
  • You will also get vapour proof lighting accessories for using in wet locations having waterproof, clear and heat resistant tempered glass.
  • Canopy fixtures are good led accessories for underpasses, parking garages and loading docks and are vandal resistant.
  • Bulkhead fixtures are very common in schools and hospitals and are available in circle, oval, caged or hooded variant.
  • Under cabinet, lights are very useful for kitchen, office spaces, desks, shelves, coves and even wardrobes.
  • Track lighting is a useful accessory that has a series of lights mounted on an adjustable ‘head.’
  • Recessed lighting led accessories that can be mounted inside ceiling are also popular and leave only the lens or trim of the bulb exposed.
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Led Accessories

You will also have LED wraparound fixtures that are thin and surface mounted, LED shop lights, LED vapour tight linear lights housed in reinforced steel or polyester glass, LED low bay for lighting aisles, area lights streets and parks, barn lights driveways and yards, landscape lighting, step lights and path lights. You will also get LED dock lights, pendant and a host of other lighting fixture accessories including wire guards, baffles, mounting accessories, glare shields, power cords, Lexan guards, lenses, retrofit kits and lots more.

Consider the Guarantee

If you buy from a reputed manufacturer you will get authentic products along with a guarantee. You are advised to read the terms and conditions of the guarantee and its applicable jurisdiction to receive any replacement in any case.

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