The importance of Monuments that are Built All Over the World

What is a monument? It is a type of a structure, in fact, a three-dimensional structure that is basically created to commemorate a person or some event. This has become a part of relevance to the society as part of remembrance. The Monuments depict mostly the historic times and the cultural heritage of a particular country. It, therefore, carries a political, technical and architectural importance. Statues, memorials, architectural sites and historical buildings are all examples of Monuments. They should be preserved so that the future generation exactly knows the importance and the contribution of the persons and the events of the past.

Why are Monuments special?

  • Monuments are basically buildings or objects that were built to honor the person or some historic event that had happened years back.
  • The people who have built these structures feel that they are the symbols of ancient civilizations. There are many examples like the pyramids of Egypt or the Greek Parthenon. These are large monuments that took many long years to build.
  • It has been about past two hundred years that these structures have become the famous landmarks of cites. You will see that the statue of Liberty is an attraction for all the people around the world. It welcomes immigrants from different countries. The Eiffel Tower in Paris is another attraction for all the people in the entire world.
  • The planned cities have built Monuments that were around man-made structures. Like for example, the Washington monument was built before the city was planned and constructed. Same is with Brasilia which was built around monumental structures.

Why are monuments preserved?

It is easy to build new buildings but difficult to preserve the old ones. There are of course various reasons and benefits to preserve the old heritage.

  • If Monuments are preserved, then it will attract more tourists. It is more attractive for those who like to experience the spirit of any city. The enjoyment to know the city is through architecture. If there are more tourists, then the will be more jobs for the locals. Hence this contributes to the prosperity of the economy.
  • It is through old buildings that one comes to know and understands the history that had occurred before. It, therefore, develops respect for those who lived in proper times. The tradition is also known and respected.
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  • The preservation of Monuments plays a vital role in promoting the culture of the country. The people all around the world come to know about the rich culture of the past. This makes it unique in the eyes of the entire world. The historical buildings bring both character and charm to the neighborhood. The people of that particular country or city feel proud to belong and live in a place of rich heritage.
  • If you take the environment into consideration, then preserving old buildings is very environment-friendly. The new green buildings save energy whereas the old buildings can be considered as a form that can be recycled. It helps to reduce construction waste and also saves energy.

The elaborate and wonderful architecture is found in Indian Monuments. It represents one of the most interesting and outstanding facets of diversified Indian culture. The Monuments are incredible and remarkably splendid. The Monuments in India have an unbelievable artistry that covers a sense of mystery as well as deception and mystery. You will find that there is evidence of master craftsmanship and elegance. This brings in the forefront about the splendor of the bygone era. Monuments are actually the witnesses of the past. Therefore, they become an inspiration for the future generations.

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