29 Exciting Reasons Why Life is Great

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Life is entirely great, and the people who understand life’s significance really appreciate it. There are so many reasons evidently or hidden that show life is perfect and excellent in every sense. The greatness of life can best be leaned and heard from the experience of people who have undergone hard times, struggled and stood up against all odds. There come times when people feel depressed, dejected and wish to finish their valuable lives. Such people have no gratefulness for life that it has provided them with so much to live, love, enjoy and be a great human being throughout the life.

Life is not only great but perfect, beautiful, awesome and worth living as well. Different people observe life in various perspectives and for some; it’s beautiful while others are depressed and tired of living. Often it does happen that we ask someone about their experiences of life, they say it’s not that much good even few wish to end up their lives. But there are so many reasons to live, and that demonstrate life is really perfect and great. Here are few of the reasons to prove that life is great


1 You Breathe Freely

There can be no better blessing than breathing freely. Ask the people entangled in slavery and living suppressed lives under the control of their masters. You are a free person and breathe freely. No one controls your life. Isn’t it greatness of life?


2 Share Happiness And Smile

What is always focused and emphasized by the majority is to share happiness and smile even when you are in deep waters. A small task of kindness fills your heart with joy, and you see the next person whom you helped laughing. Thank you, life for being so much awesome and great!


3 There’s Enough Time

In a busy life, hardly can anyone remove time for spending with family, friends and on other activities. You are blessed with so much free time to spend on anything and do whatever your heart says. Enough time with freedom to live is a very pleasant experience.


4 Explore Nature

The life is beautiful and the statement seems true when we travel around and visit the beautiful world, abundant nature and perfect places. Life is so pretty that if everything is finished, it’s more than enough to provide opportunities and sources for a happy living.

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5 Today Is Your Day

The day you are living is yours completely, and no one can claim any right over you. The day is for you to live, make the world great and share happiness with the people. You can live today the way you desire.


Mahatma Gandhi quote 29 Exciting Reasons Why Life is Great


6 Open Access To Anything

You live in a world that provides easy access to every necessity, amenity and facility that anyone can wish. We got to thank God every moment that we are blessed and much better than millions of people in our surroundings.



7 Build Memories

Imagine you are an old man who has spent his whole life is efforts, helping out others and lived a life that everyone respects now. At this age, when you remember those gone days, pleasant memories, beautiful sharing and remembering all this you have a fresh smile on your face, you can’t resist to live this life again and come back to that younger age.


8 Amazing and Intelligent People

People living in your surrounding can make your lives more beautiful and happier than ever. Having intelligent and incredible people is more than a blessing of God. Such people provide us opportunities to spend the life in perfect ways.


9 Helping Each Other

The life is subjected to compromise and help. Our survival is the outcome of coping challenges with cooperation and mutual understanding. We become dependent and even sometimes a moment without a helping friend seems boring. The independent people help the needy and bring rejoices in their lives.


10 Find Sleep

You can sleep for hours and when you get up, all of the worries, tiredness and pain is relieved. Few hours of going into a phase where we are detached from the whole world, still brings us back to live and nothing is lost in our memories.


11 You Have Food

Food is what that we need every moment. We need to live, and food provides us life. Many people in the world die of hunger, and we can’t do but seeing them die. It fills our hearts with so much but how blessed we are that we have to eat and feed our kids. Life can’t be any greater than this.


12 Cultivate Relationships

You have dad, mom, siblings, uncles, friends and many other people who support you throughout your life. These relations make life much better. A loss of any relation or family member becomes very much painful but these relations are indeed the real beauty of life.



13 Opportunities

The world is turning to an era where opportunities will just become bookish elements. We live in a period that has abundant opportunities to live, grow, become successful and educate our kids. Why shouldn’t we live in such a great life?



14 Unpredictable Tomorrow

How amazing is it that a man having healthy life, relationships, access to everything, has no control over his tomorrow. He doesn’t know how will be his next day. What will be there for him? This is very surprising and this is the reason every person lives for tomorrow with a hope of happiness and beautiful moments.


15 Keeping Good Health

Have you ever asked a patient how it feels to be sick all the time? Believe me; that patient understands what health is and how it feels to be deprived of it. You are healthier, happier and can run, walk, eat, drink, travel and do whatever you wish. Life is has so many great reasons to live, and health is among the best.


16 Have Ambitions

How pleasant is it to keep dreams and aspirations when we are not even sure whether we would be there to live tomorrow or not? This seems perfectly outstanding. We are resourceful and can dream to become an absolute figure in the offing. Ambitions are hopes for life.


17 Keep Smiling

At times, it seems exquisite to see someone smiling. We become happy when we see our parents, beloved ones and friends smiling irrespective of the reasons. We smile because people are happy, and there would be no better feeling than this one.


Jennifer Aniston Friends Movies Quote Life Is Wonderful 29 Exciting Reasons Why Life is Great

18 Struggle

The whole life of a person spends in the effort, and God has also ordered his people to be hard working as he blesses more to the indigenous people. Life seems perfect and great when you are tired of doing struggle for hours. You have provided someone with a chance to be successful. This is life and such great possibilities can be found nowhere.


19 Music Is Life

When we are depressed, tired or dejected, few decent words in a beautiful voice can change our mood. Music has what many things and people lack in. Listening to music and recalling past memories is perfectly a refreshing combination. Where and how far can we thank our beautiful and great life?


20 Love

If you love someone, you have enough reasons to live and spend a beautiful life. Love is indeed a bigger impetus that forces individuals to hope for more days of their lives. Love is an essential element in everyone’s life, and the world exists because love is still there.



21 Desired Clothing

You can wear what you wish. Having no restriction and free clothing is really worth admiring. Many around us have nothing to cover themselves and eat to their fill. Many places in the world have laws that bound people to be naked or put on specific clothes.


22 Storing Memories

It feels very pleasant to be blessed with writing skills to jot down every day of your life and go through it when you have nothing to do. The last few years of life can be made happier and beautiful by reading the whole event of life.


23 Free Sun

I am sure you know many places where people can’t even enjoy the sunshine. You take it every day; let your body feel it and enjoy when it falls on you to kiss you. How beautiful and magnificent is our life with so many reasons to live?


24 Access To Medication

When you are sick, you can visit a doctor, get medicine and treatment and fix your illness. A few days in sickness remind us that we are blessed with so many opportunities and reasons that others don’t have.


25 Have An Education

Many countries support free education to all standards. We are educated, taught and tamed to live life in certain ways. Our kids have education, and they become ultimately independent and self-sufficient to support themselves and families.


26 Living in a Technology Era

Our ancestors get surprised to see the latest and innovative technological products, but these are no more new for us as we have been brought up in an era that has undergone a technological revolution. Our lives are comparatively easier and more sustainable.


27 Variety in People

The World is filled with many nations, races and people of various colors, natures, and traditions. We enjoy diversity. We have reasons to love each other and stand by each other in times of trouble.


28 You Have Access To Free Natural Resources

How would it feel if your air is sopped for few minutes? Would you live if your water is not provided to your body? How many days can you survive without food? We have free air, abundant sunshine, variety in weathers, and we don’t feel cheesed off this life.


29 Always Have Gratitude

Life is great, and evidence has been presented in the form of so many obvious reasons. We are thankful to our life for being ours, providing us sources and time. Gratitude fills others with happiness and affection.

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