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A Word on Bathroom Lighting

Every bathroom, no matter the size, should be well lit. The right lighting will not only provide visibility and make the daily needs in the bathroom much easier, but it will also set the mood and provide relaxing ambient. However, you shouldn’t just put up any lighting fixture you like. Rather, you should focus on creating layers of light which will help get every corner illuminated. So, besides plenty of natural light, you will need to consider task, ambient, and decorative lighting fixtures.

Task Lighting

Task lighting will help you get your daily grooming done easier. The place for such lighting is on your vanity or next to a mirror. However, don’t make the same mistake as most people, and never put the task lighting above the mirror. Such position of the fixtures will cast a shadow on your face and make your grooming more difficult. The best position for task lighting is on each side of the mirror in order to provide enough illumination from all the angles and with no shadows. Your shower is another place where you want to have task lighting. Opt for recessed light with glass lens and place it above the shower. Also, such fixtures provide enough illumination for the stand alone tubs or toilets.

LXP - Life experiences in lightning in bathroom design tub for luxurious bathing

Ambient Lighting

When the main purpose of lighting fixtures is completed, you can move on to setting the mood. Ambient lighting acts like a fill light which is indirect and helps make the bathroom feel more welcoming. Such lighting fixtures are perfect if your bathroom has tall ceiling or any architectural details that can hide them, but still provide cozy atmosphere. The fixtures you can use include pendant lamps with translucent shade, simple chandeliers or rope lights hidden behind the molding. With these, you will provide a soft glow throughout the entire room and give your bathroom a spa-like feel.

Decorative Lighting

Lighting fixtures are not only for illuminating the space; they can be a part of your decoration as well. To add visual sparkle in your square-shaped bathroom, you can place a pendant for a decorative touch. In bigger rectangular bathrooms, you can use two or three lighting fixtures and install them along the ceiling plane for both adequate illumination and elevated décor. Another way to provide soft but interesting tones into the décor is by using candles. Place scented or ordinary candles of various shapes and sizes into glass holders and arrange them around the bath tub, sinks or on your vanity, and fill your bathroom with relaxing, romantic tones. Furthermore, you can use decorative lighting fixtures to accentuate any art pieces you have in the bathroom. By placing smaller pendants or wall-mounted scones, you can provide a spotlight for your favorite painting or even a smaller sculpture.

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Safety First!

Even though lighting is one of the main elements of aesthetics, you can never forget about the importance of safety. Water and electricity don’t get along well, and you need to be absolutely sure that everything works properly and that there are no bare wires hanging loose. That is why it is always better to consult with skillful electricians before taking up any lighting projects. Additionally, even when everything is finished, you need to have regular checkups and maintenance, and you can rely on asap electricians to come and help you at any time of the day. You may be skillful enough to install the fixtures yourself, but you can never be 100% sure everything will work and that all of the household members are safe. Also, you should never place outlets or fixtures anywhere near the sources of water and only a professional can resolve you of the troubles of busting your walls and rewiring everything. That’s why you should have an electrician’s contact number near you and be sure that your bathroom is fabulous and safe.

Choosing the furniture and materials for your bathroom is the easiest part of decorating. Lighting plays a significant role in every room, especially in the bathroom where we need the most visibility. To achieve that, you will need these three most important types of lighting fixtures. However, not only will these provide illumination for your bathroom, but you will also be able to enjoy in a relaxing spa-like atmosphere every day.

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