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Polished Concrete Floors As An Advance Birthday Gift

My family is known to celebrate birthdays in the best way possible. People often laugh at on the way we spend on our birthdays. Some even go to the extent of saying that we spend money on birthdays than Christmas. This is actually quite true because I remember grandpa’s birthday last year. His birthday is on the 12th of December. We prepared for the event as if he were getting married. I still remember him ordering my dad to get our old concrete floors polished because they lacked shine. My dad had called a concrete polishing in San Diego County CA just before their working hours were about to end and booked an appointment for our concrete floors.

The next day the professionals from the company came to examine the floors and the day after that the work started. This company was known as one of the best quality concrete polishing companies in San Diego CA. They were specially hired on grandpa’s orders since grandpa had already done his research on the company’s reputation and its services. That’s how excited he was. When half the floors were polished we were even more excited because the house looked like it was just built. It’s amazing how one thing can change the whole look of your house. Grandpa was very happy with their work, he invited the workers to his birthday too and they happily agreed to come.

It was a grand affair. On the day of his birthday, my grandpa was very excited. We had ordered a big cake for him and he cut it like he was cutting a dragon. The mystery that still strikes me is that he had a very weird expression on his face as he dragged the knife to cut the cake. I just stood there staring at him because at that moment I felt like all this excitement before the birthday was just pretense. Like he just wanted to have a good time as if it were his last birthday. I had shaken away the thought at that time but what due to come has to come.

Just a week after his birthday he fell terribly ill. One night I went up to him, he took my hand and said only one month till your birthday child. I told him I didn’t want to celebrate it if he were to remain sick. The next thing he said gave me tears “This will be your first birthday without me, but don’t worry not your first birthday without a gift from my side. I polished the floors for your birthday so that you can finally have that grand birthday you were talking about.” He died the next day.

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