7 Ways To Incorporate Maximalist Decor

The more is more! That is moto that describes maximalist decor the best. It is bold, it is brave, but it includes comfort and cosines. A home decorated in maximalist manner can bring out features that you thought could never go together. But they do. And they do that perfectly. Let your imagination be your guide.

1.Colours and patterns

If you are looking for one thing that can get you started it is colour. Colours are the foundation on which maximalist style is built. Vivid colours, bold combinations, mixing more than two colours – this is where you start. Dark coloured walls like black or navy blue are a great backdrop for bright coloured details or different vivid patterns. Wallpapers with big print can transform a room you don’t spend much time in, like a foyer, or your bathroom to maximalist heaven. Bring different patterns together. You can choose one basic colour that will be mutual for different patterns or the same patterns in different colours. Use them on details or big pieces of furniture, rugs or drapes, but make sure you feel good about combinations, as you will be spending time in these rooms, so don’t exaggerate. Maximalist style is style after all.

2. Furniture

You know how you look into different styles of furniture that come from different epochs and think to yourself: “if only…”. With maximalism you can. Actually, it is desirable to mix different styles from different epochs together. Try combining furniture from at least three different time periods to achieve maximalist impact. Paint wooden pieces in vivid colours, use bold patterns on sofa covers, use colourful pillows. All this will give your home true maximalist impact.

3. Rugs, drapes and fabrics

The best thing about maximalist style is that you can mix different things and make them look great together. You can choose a few rugs of different sizes, patterns and shapes and put them next to each other or one overlap the other. You can use colourful door mat to stress out a special piece of furniture or as a pad for an interesting plant. Use big patterns on your drapes or wild print, it will make a statement.

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4. Books 

Book lovers finally found the style that suits their need the best. Displaying your library for everyone to see it is a must. Built-in shelves covered with books or stack of books piling on coffee tables – everything goes. If you collected books all your life and were forced to keep them in boxes in the garage, now you can bring them all out and enjoy your collection.

Create a wall for all the art you ever wanted to display. Yes, you can mix different styles, different forms of art, different frames, all size and shapes. Remember you don’t what to create a mess. Try to keep space between two pieces approximately the same. That will keep order on your gallery wall without disturbing maximalism impact you want to achieve. Forget all you knew about coordinating subjects, colours or frames, fill in all free space on your gallery wall and enjoy it.

6. Comfort with style

Maximalist decor is a fusion of comfort and style. We all want to feel comfortable in our homes but we want to do it in style. Since it is all about what we love. Finding comfort in our home will not be a problem with maximalist style. Comfortable chairs and sofas, cozy rooms filled with items we like, cheerful colours and our favorite patterns, all is mixed to give us maximum comfort. Arrange furniture in such a way that your favorite piece is on the spot you like the most. Surround that spot with your favorite items, make it your sanctuary where you can spend your leisure time enjoying it to the max.

7. Details

Details are everything in maximalist decor. You should display everything you love and like and mix it together like you thought you never could. You can mix big pieces like lavish chandeliers with luxurious lamps, big chinoiserie vases with lavish jewelry boxes. You can make one big display of your collections or you can arrange them all over the room. Ramose green plants will be perfect decoration for corners or next to windows and smaller blooming plants will stress out colours of pillows, rugs, furniture or will make pretty contrary to dark walls.

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Our homes are our sanctuaries. We all want to feel comfortable when spending time in our homes, but we also want to live with style. Decorating our home in a maximalistic manner means we can surround ourselves with things we love and allow ourselves to go bold with more of our favorite colours, fabrics and shapes. We can fill our homes with beautiful furniture we always longing for and could never fit it in with the previous decor. Now everything is allowed and you can enjoy it without feeling guilty about it.

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