How to Boost Your Libido And Sex-Drive Through Meditation And Workout

For most men, pleasing a woman comes easy, and this is due to many physiological factors including their urge for sex. Experts say “sex is like mathematics, Subtract the clothes, Divide the legs, And pray you don’t multiply.” What if the drive to do this is gone. One of the best solutions to getting your sex mojo back on track is through meditation. Over the years there has been a link between sex and meditation.

Besides the perceived primary purpose of procreation, sex nowadays finds its mainstay as a major- if not the most important- the source of recreation for adults worldwide. It has found its way into practically every area of life, and it seems to be evolving almost every day.

When it comes to sex, lots of muscle work are involved than would be required during the day. Your least problem during sex should be you getting tired or losing stamina. You’ll enjoy yourself a lot more—and be more adventurous—if your body is prepped for better performance in bed, and a good, well-defined workout program can primarily achieve this.

Calling sex an exercise is an understatement because lots of muscles are in use. The few minutes you are in action lots of fat are burnt. Exercise makes us feel more energetic and relieves stress. It also can make us feel better about our bodies and help us move with more confidence.

Meditation initially was a touchy subject to most. The idea of sitting still for a period, let alone channel your “core” and ebb your “amygdala” flow sounded too strange and foreign to most. Today, a variety of meditation practices have been adapted to the Western lifestyle and are practiced for religious or spiritual development, or to achieve a health life. Retrospective meditation techniques are being overstressed in such practices as Centering Prayer and Kabbalah.

Western spiritual seekers around the world because of their benefits, have adopted Eastern spiritual practices, including Buddhism and Vedanta. A good number of people do practice forms of meditation outside of the context of any organized spiritual framework.


The importance of optimum sexual performance, usually in men, cannot be overstated. To perform at peak action, new sex pills for men have been developed to counter innate normalizes such as low testosterone, and although some have been proven to be effective, it is usually not without risks and associated acquired problems.

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However, the best methods are the one that have both limited to no side effects, and are way more effective than their synthetic counterparts, along with having longer lasting effects. 


As aforementioned, workouts and meditation are key ways to boost low testosterone. Exercise eases blood flow through your body, including your sex organs, which keeps them healthy, active, and lubricated. This is essential to maintain a healthy sex drive, which will boost your libido.

Studies have shown that people are most in the mood after exercise because your body is pumping out feel-good chemicals like endorphins while reducing the body’s stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. This is true for men because testosterone levels increase dramatically after a strength-training workout.

With regular workouts, you become confident in your body.  Exercise will also help to relieve stress both physically, mentally, and that translates to being more receptive to sexual activities, because being able to climax more easily.

Sex drive:

Increase libido with workouts.

Women known to be suffering from a common antidepressant side effect of lower sexual urge experience intensified sexual stimulation when they exercise before having sex. But don’t overdo it!


Research currently carried out have shown that for men, that even working out is one of the natural ways to increase stamina but frequent high-intensity exercise can lower your sex drive. low-intensity workouts have been proven to have a positive effect on libido.

Increase your height of libido using Endorphins. Endorphins are the feel-good neurochemicals released by our brain. When we feel good, we are more likely to want to have sex.

Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises can help increase your sex drive by Increasing the muscle tone in the pelvic floor.

In women, their effect is aimed at muscles of the vagina and also helping to increase orgasms. Like in women, Kegel exercises also have a positive effect on men. They aid in delaying ejaculation time.


The two main causes of low libido, anxiety, and stress: that’s where meditation comes in.

Meditation has been proven to diminish stress while helping you clear your mind, this will, in turn, lead to a happier you and an improved sex drive, free of distraction.

After all, a healthy mind means a healthier and happier you, so that’s what you need to achieve. A good diet regime with regular exercise will also count on mental wellness. Meditation also triggers the ‘neutral’ areas of the brain and plummets activity in the stress center – the amygdala.

It is only when your mind and body is free of stress and tension that your brain will work its magic and allow you to focus on your desire for sexual activity and ‘execution.’  As well as reducing stress, endorphins, which increase sex drive, will also be released during meditation.

Meditation techniques that could increase sex drive


One of the most effective methods of practicing meditation is by practicing deep breathing– all you need is five minutes and a quiet space. Do you find it hard to escape the noise inside? Find a chill spot in the park where you can enjoy your solitude.

When you’ve found the right location to practice meditation, sit down in a comfortable position, ideally legs crossed, and breathe in deeply through the nose, hold it for a few seconds, and then breathe out slowly through your mouth.

If you need to be more focused, try making an ‘HA’ sound as you exhale. After five minutes or so, if not before, you should begin to feel relaxed. If not, continue until your tension has dissipated.



What you see during sex is a huge factor in your arousal, so why not try meditating using visualization to help you relax?

Just like the breathing exercise, find a quiet space and, this time, close your eyes and breathe in and out deeply while focusing on how the air is passing through your body, through your nostrils, and how your abdomen is raising and lowering.

When you have a rhythm, picture somewhere beautiful, or a favorite memory, to help you relax further – if relevant, imagine the warmth of the sun on your face or the sound of waves crashing to bring your memory alive. If you’re struggling to delve into your memories, think up a dream destination that you find calming.


Sex meditation is a way of improving your body’s awareness during sex to increase the pleasure. Meditation makes you flexible enough to attempt any sex position and accomplish it without the muscle cramps. Asides from improving flexible and motion it also helps improve your libido.

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