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Top 6 Ways Leaders Can Support Their Team Success

It is no brainer that behind every great business, there is always a hard-working team of leaders. Alas, around 70% of all businesses lack strong and efficient leaders. There is no doubt that owing to the lack of talented leaders, a negative ripple effect is spread throughout the company: around 40% of the employees desert their organisations due to the lack of leadership.

Nobody gains success in their endeavours overnight whether you are learning skiing, painting or parenting. You will not suddenly wake up and suddenly become a successful businessman. And the same can also be said for becoming a successful leader. I would say that being a leader is more of an art rather than being science. Yes, anyone can become an effective and successful leader, all that is required is time, practice, and perseverance.

Still, you can support your team with the following mentioned 6 ways.


Encourage Teamwork

It is not easy for the people to come together as a team if there is a dearth of clear and definitive expectation of the importance of that. It may come as natural to you, but I hope you are well-aware of what assumptions can result in. If you are really looking to have a great team, it is important that first, you have made your expectations clear.

Then you have to ensure you are encouraging your team by having conversations, recognition, reward systems, feedback and more. Having expectations is good but it will also exhibit how important teamwork is for you and for your organisation.

Ensure Team Success

A result-oriented team always give their best to stay devoted to the success and towards the team as well. Take some time out and ask yourself, are you committed to both these things? As a leader (consider yourself as a pillar), you are an important part of the team as well. There is no doubt that your role will be different, but you have to ensure that you are always there for your team.

If you are not, then how can you expect it from your team. Yes, there is no doubt that staying committed to yourself has great significance, but at the same time, you also have to ensure that the same has been encouraged in your team as well. This is where coaching, resolutions for conflict, and conversations may be required. But, when you do the things that make your team committed towards their work and each other will also prove beneficial for the results.

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Leadership how to motivate team for success teamleader

Have A Team Vision

Yes, you may make the team to be committed and to do great work, but if they aren’t heading towards where they should ideally be going, then it can never prove beneficial for the organisation’s success. Whether you are setting goals for your team or you are involving the team in doing that, understand that no team can attain success without them.

Only having goals will not be sufficient. It is important for you to align your personal work with the team goals and also with the organisation’s goals. As a leader, it is completely your task to make that happen.

Make Yourself Available

You are the leader and your team needs you, make sure you are also committed and believe in your team’s goals. It is important you have taken time for your team and you should give them the right amount of space as well. No matter what happens, avoid micromanaging them.

Remember that people tend to learn and grow with assistance, having said that you just can’t do the tasks assigned to them, it is their duty to complete. Like I said, give them enough space, offer them with the opportunity, and have patience. Yes, you will find it hard to strike a balance and it won’t be wrong to say that it is more of a challenge for you. Remember that as your team learns and grow, it is going to benefit them throughout their lives.

Be Supportive And Encourage Your Team

Yes, you need to support your team as a whole and individually as well. Keep in mind that the team is made up of individuals and when you lend your support, it really comes handy in boosting their overall confidence and also nourishing positive attitudes.

Lxp lifexpe leaders support their team for success
Since, you are well-aware of that confidence, having a positive attitude and right energy will improve the results of both the individuals and the team. Make sure you are not only doing this but ensure that the people are also doing the same for each other as well. When you successfully build an upward spiral or support, it will help in growing your team’s results and it starts with you.

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Present New Challenges And Opportunities

Make sure you have challenged your team. This should be done in a positive sense and the aim should be to bring the best potential out of your team. Try and bring them outside their comfort zone. You can also work on their interests and strong points, for instance – you must have noticed someone (in your team) who loves to assist other employees with their tasks.


You can ask that person to conduct a customer workshop so that he/she can develop their presentation skills and can build strong client bonds. In the event where you are out of ideas, you can have a meeting with your team and can discuss what types of experiences will help them grow professionally.

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