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    Top 7 Tips To Stay Focused On Your Goals

    The main motive behind setting goals is to help us live our lives in a better way and also achieve all we desire in our life. We need to set goals in different areas of our lives such as – relationship, career, finances, and others. Well, setting goals is important but staying focused on your […] More

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    Top 6 Ways Leaders Can Support Their Team Success

    It is no brainer that behind every great business, there is always a hard-working team of leaders. Alas, around 70% of all businesses lack strong and efficient leaders. There is no doubt that owing to the lack of talented leaders, a negative ripple effect is spread throughout the company: around 40% of the employees desert […] More

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    Aspire To Inspire Before You Expire


    LXP - Lifexpe - ring inspire expire aspire

    Aspire to inspire before you expire, a quote by Eugene Bell, Jr.  Which means; simply have a goal for your life, don’t let it go to waste. Whether you like it or not, me ànd you will eventually expire one day. You can’t take anything with you. But what you can do is leave a […] More

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