6 Ways To Building An Effective Brand Identity

A brand can be defined as a symbol, term, design, name or a combination of all these used by a company/organisation to identify it or their product as exclusive as others in the market. This also acts as an identity and a signal that communicates varied messages to the market.

Brand identity can be defined as the characteristics of a brand, at times it is subtle and sometimes aggressive. If you really want your target audience to relate to it, your brand should have a solid identity. The fact cannot be denied that human beings are quite emotional and this is true seeing their buying behaviour; therefore, if you have a business and you want a product to appeal a particular segment of customers, then it is imperative that the characteristics of your brand should be both pleasing and favourable to them.

So, here top 6 ways to build an effective brand identity.

Make The Utmost Use Of Social Media

There are various free-of-charge social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, WhatsApp where you can promote yourself, build your brand and audience simultaneously.

Take some time out and feed your profiles and blog as well, this is a challenge, but if you really want to go ahead with this, it is imperative you are active. This will mean posting and having several interactions throughout the day. But, are you wondering what you should ideally say? If you have a proficiency in some field, then making a huge following will not be a difficult task. You have to ensure you stay relevant and on-topic, trust me you will reap valuable audience.

It is important if you are looking to increase your following, you will have to talk to others, now this will mean taking time out to reply to the comments on above-mentioned social media platforms in a timely manner and participating with them in conversations.

Organise An Event

Irrespective of the nature of your business, holding a live event will certainly draw the attention of your target audience, clients, and prospects. This event can be a Christmas party or Easter party; it should also be structured around business development such as the launch of a product or promotion. Running a workshop will give you a chance to share all your professional proficiencies.

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When you organise a live event, it offers you valuable face time with all your potential customers and it also offers an opportunity for them to have a first-hand experience and feel of your brand’s personality. Adding a theme to your event will surely add interest such as Arabian or a cocktail.

Start A PR Campaign

When you have press coverage, it is more like free advertising. But, it does have more relevance than that, because editorial tend to enjoy more credibility and have more potential to convince your target audience and new customers to check your brand. The tricky part is to come up with a newsworthy angle and this will entirely depend whether you are focusing on national media, print, TV, or radio.

Maybe you have a great story to share. A story explaining why you started the business or a product. Conducting surveys in your specialist field and sharing the results can really prove beneficial for the journalists in framing a story.

Exhibit Yourself

If you really want to showcase your brand to a large number of audience (read target audience) then exhibiting yourself can really prove beneficial. However, it may prove costly to you, therefore you have prepared carefully to ensure you have the best ROI (return on investment). Remember, you will have to toil hard to draw the attention of your customers and ensuring that they stay for a longer duration and also take in your message. If you really want to draw the attention of your target audience, then nothing beats organising a competition.

Sponsorship of an event or a match will always prove helpful in drawing the attention of your audience and it also proves to increase your brand awareness. When you sponsor an event, it gives you an opportunity to have face-to-face interaction with the participants and also offer you ample opportunities to promote your brand.

Have Promotional Merchandise

Thanking your customers for their business and reinforcing your brand simultaneously can really prove beneficial and you can give corporate gifts for the growth of your business. You can give pens, mugs, and other merchandise having your company’s logo, name, and contact address so that it can have a long-lasting impression on their mind.

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You have to ensure you don’t scrimp too much. Giving a cheap pen which is only going to last for a month – not only such brand exposure will be short-lived but giving low-quality products will also reflect bad name to your company’s image. Try and be more creative when it comes to the gifts. If you go for something unique or may be personalised, it will surely delight your recipients and the best part is that they will be posting these gifts on varied social media platforms, increasing your brand identity.

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