Bucket List Worthy Islands To Visit

You’ve worked long and hard, and it’s finally time to plan and take that dream vacation. All you’re sure of is that you want somewhere idyllic, with gorgeous sun and marvelous beaches. The world is of course not lacking such locations, but with so many great ones to choose from the task of narrowing the choice down seems almost insurmountable. In today’s article, we will be presenting several lesser-known paradise retreats that we believe are not just stunning, but are bucket list worthy locations to see. These pockets of paradise are so stunning and incredible that we recommend you spend at least a little of your time on Earth there. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Moorea, French Polynesia

French Polynesia, already well-known for its stunning beaches and surroundings, has a hidden gem hidden just Northwest of Tahiti; The island of Moorea. Rated recently as the third-best island in the world by the Conde Nast Traveler’s Readers Choice Awards, the island is volcanically formed and surrounded by a distinctive and breathtaking bright blue lagoon. To reach the island, you’ll need to take a 12-mile high-speed ferry. The travel is well worth the effort though! What greets you after the ferry is bright turquoise waters surrounding the island’s bold, green cliffs. 

The island is such a place of stark beauty that it seems any photo taken there can only be dreamed up in photoshop. Remember to put your camera down once in a while to enjoy the scenery in real life though! The island is rife with hiking trails through the hills that are available in a variety of difficulties for beginner to experienced hikers. Besides the spectacular views above water, the island is host to spectacular coral reefs that are absolutely vibrant with life and color. You can even engage in dolphin and whale watching! The island is host to several incredibly luxurious resorts that are the pinnacle of luxury and comfort. However, if you’re looking for a way to enjoy Moorea without breaking the bank, it also contains a large variety of hotels, pensions, and guesthouses. Make the trip to Moorea and get lost in the paradise of white sand beaches, crystal clear water, and all-round pinnacle paradise.

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Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada

If you’re looking for something less tropical, then Cape Breton is the place to go. A stunning island located towards the Northeastern tip of Nova Scotia, Cape Breton stands as a 1st place gold medal winner in the competition of outdoor adventure locations. The island itself is spectacular, filled to the brim with gorgeous forests and trails through the mountains. An extremely comfortable place to travel, the people that live in Cape Breton are incredibly welcoming and homely to all the tourists that visit the island every year. You can hike through the national park, pull some amazing fish out of the Margaree River, and go sea kayaking to name just a few things! If you’re a lover of the culinary, you can even learn how to have an outdoors lobster boil at La Bloc Beach. Getting to Cape Breton is hardly difficult. There are regular flights that connect from Halifax and Toronto to Cape Breton’s small J.A. Douglas McCurdy Sydney airport. If you’d rather drive, that’s also possible with an approximately 4-hour drive from Halifax quite doable. Once at Cape Breton, the island is awash with comfortable lodge and Inns which serve a wide variety of budgetary needs. However, the people are universally fantastic and welcoming. If you’re a nature buff, you can even bring your own accommodation along and tent it!

Bali, Indonesia

The most famous of the one thousand islands of the Indonesian archipelago, Bali has been a tourist favorite for many years. The island plays host to approximately three million foreign tourists a year! Bali is an extraordinarily beautiful island and the scenery is memorable as it burns its way into your memory as one of the most beautiful natural places you’ve ever been. Stuffed with the typically amazing beach activities, Bali and its people are well-experienced in giving its visitors an excellent time! This island then clearly enjoys its reputation as one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in Asia. The island was featured in Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Eat, Pray, Love and the film helped boost that popularity. 

Bali also stands out from the other islands of Indonesia due to its unique vibe. Unlike the rest of Indonesia, Bali is uniquely predominantly Hindu as opposed to Muslim or Christian seem throughout Indonesia. As a result, the island seems to have a unique culture that helps it stand out on its own. This can be seen in the architecture for instance, which contains elements not seen in other parts of Indonesia. As a well-versed island in hosting foreign visitors, Bali offers a humongous range of places to stay. 

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There isn’t a beachfront villa Bali can’t offer that will not suit your personal tastes! The island is famous for its wide variety of resorts, hotels, and guesthouses being suitable for any budget. However, even the most luxurious of experiences can be bought for much cheaper than expected! So don’t be afraid to shop around a bit and splurge a bit on making your stay as comfortable as possible! One final consideration to take into account when traveling to Bali is to avoid the monsoon season in the Winter months. While the weather is pleasantly warm throughout the rest of the year, heavy rains in the winter months can and will put a damper on proceedings.

There we have it, our three bucket-list-worthy islands to visit! Capable of suiting a wide variety of desires or budgets, we strongly recommend you get a move on and get your butt to Moorea, Cape Breton, or Bali! Whether you’re looking for a beach heaven or something more outdoorsy, these islands will deliver the adventure of a lifetime. We hope you have a great well-deserved vacation and get lots of memorable experiences and moments to look back on with a smile.

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