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Bucket List for Your Australian Trip

The reasons one would want to visit Australia are plentiful and there is no need to explain them. However, there are certain things this country truly stands out for. The sites and moments which will stay with you forever.  Read below for the must-do things which will make you remember Australia for as long as you live.

Visit Tasmania

With just half a million people and 19 national parks spread on a surface that is less than half of the state of Washington, this paradise Island off the south coast of Australia has truly a lot to offer. Everywhere you look and everything you see is truly breathtaking. You can explore history through famous sites in colonial Hobart or visit Port Arthur, an open-air museum of what used to be a penitentiary back in the 19th century. While this is something you should definitely see, do not forget the purpose of your visit which is witnessing untamed nature of all forms and shapes.

Take a hiking trip

A comparatively small number of people living on the vast island of Australia means that a great part of it is uninhibited. Diverse ecosystems and wildlife all comprise magnificent landscapes which offer you an opportunity to reconnect with Mother Nature during a multi-day hiking trip. The experience will consume you like no other on the Tassie’s Overland Track, Northern Territory’s Larapinta Trail, or even the visit to Uluru and the 10km hike around its base. Each one of these has separate lessons to teach and there is no other country in the world which could offer you this diversity.

Explore the ocean

The waters surrounding Australia are one of its most precious natural beauties. There is a bit of everything. You can enjoy things that relax you or overcome your fears by taking part in activities which scare you. Hit some of the best waves at Bells Beach, VIC or Byron Bay, NSW. Go diving and snorkeling into the Great Barrier Reef or Ningaloo Reef if you are visiting Western Australia. If the adrenalin is too much for you, you can sunbathe on one of its many world-renowned beaches. Most of the people worldwide do not get a chance of the romantic experience of skinny dipping in an ocean, Australia can also offer that.

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Explore the wildlife

While Australia has a lot going for it under the sea, it does not lack things to show on dry land. It has one of the world’s most vivid wildlife and plenty of opportunities for you to meet it in person.  If you found your capital’s zoo to be exciting, there is no way of describing how you will feel about Australia. Visit one of the many national parks and take guided tours to enjoy a safe experience of meeting animals in their natural habitat. Visit Kangaroo Island famous for a colony of sea lions, but not just that, you can see the dolphins on their every-day routine, koalas and many other creatures Australia is famous for. You cannot go wrong wherever you go, however, it does not hurt to suggest visiting Daintree Rainforest or Rottnest Island.  

Visit the capitals

Australia has six states and two territories. This means there are 8 capitals to visit for a unique city experience. Each of the capitals has something to please each and every tourist. You can visit the beaches, do sports, eat food from all over the world and taste some of the best wines. They will teach you about their history and give you an insight into their artistic side. Some of the cities are famous for their nightlife, namely Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney. Make the nightlife experience memorable by visiting a Sydney brothel. That’s right, I am not sure whether you knew, but brothels are legal in most parts of Australia and they are your safest choice when it comes to one-night stands due to the high health standards.

Do go chasing waterfalls

Even though they make perfect sense, every time we come across a waterfall, we cannot help but be amazed by the beauty. Imagine swimming under one! Australia has been blessed by many of these natural showers and swimming pools. Grab the opportunity and visit Turpins Falls on your way to Melbourne or Minyon Falls in Byron Bay to relax after the exciting surfing experience you have just had.Without some of these, it would feel like going to France and not visiting Paris. What is truly amazing is that the country can take a breath away from someone crossing the world to visit it for the first time, as well as those who have spent their lives there. They will all be equally thrilled by the things and activities they got to enjoy.

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