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Caravan Manufacturers: Features For Long Route Travelling

While the external specifications of caravans are essential in deciding your buy, the interior specifications are also essential equally. Since caravans are specially meant to be on the wheels home for travelers, caravan manufacturers take special care in incorporating exclusive home-like features within the caravan. However, every house is different, each individual leads a distinct lifestyle and the importance of varied commodities of life are also different for each one.

Bed Styles in Caravans 

  • Bunk Beds: These are single beds in bunk pattern where one is placed on top of another. One needs to access the upper beds through a side fixed, foldable, or fixed ladder. While it occupies the space of a single it offers multiple sleeping accommodations, which is great if you are traveling with family. However, these are not suitable for taller kids and even for those who suffer from claustrophobia.
  • Single Twin Beds: In most cases, these twin single beds lie opposite to each other longitudinally and direct towards the rear end of the washrooms. Good for those who need to access washroom several times during a nap.
  • French Beds: Manufacturers offer these double beds exclusively positioned towards any of the walls. This means the bed is accessible only from one side and the one who sleeps towards the wall, needs to cross over the other person every time while getting down.

However, ensure the bed sizes, more importantly, the length if you have tall family members or travelers. 

Washroom Features

  • If you are looking for spacious and luxurious washrooms with loo, shower cabin, washbasin all separate end washrooms are the best option. These are positioned at the rear end of the vehicle along the complete width of the caravan, offering maximum space. 
  • If you are looking for custom caravans and need more space for other commodities and less space for the washroom, you can seek for combined washrooms with shower unit and loo together. 
  • The Ensuite style of washroom particularly offers better privacy with a partitioning system which separates the entire caravan from the washroom adjacent to a bed.

Many travelers like to emphasize more on the kitchen layout when they specifically buy caravans for family tours. Since kitchen needs to be availed by most of the caravan occupants, thus its location plays an important role in the caravan interior layout. However, it is distinctively depending on your personal preference as to make the kitchen an easy access or a side unit to accommodate more luxuries in the caravan.

  • Centre kitchens are the most common type of layout in caravans. However, the movement is definitely restricted when you have someone cooking in mid-aisle and there are potential risks of splashes of water or spilling of ingredients if you bump onto someone passing by.
  • End Kitchens are best in respect of position as well as the position is concerned. However, note that you need to compromise on either kitchen or bathroom in order acquire the end position facilities.
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If you are seeking for custom caravans so as to combine essential features in a unique design for different caravan interior patterns, contact caravan manufacturersAn essential factor behind the increasing buzz for custom caravans is the need for personalized features within the caravan. As for example, while one may like to compromise of washroom space, he may essentially like to install a center positioned double bed with spacious end kitchen, separated study area, etc. However, manufacturers of caravans understand the need for personalization, therefore, nowadays most of the caravan companies offer exclusive custom designing solutions for buyers, where you can share your desired need of features and either provide design layout yourself or seek for one as per your specifications. Alas, you need a caravan alike your home.


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