Top List of Airbnb Clone Scripts in 2018

If you have been on the lookout to build a vacation rental website that will help unique property owners and travelers meet, engage and transact online booking transactions, a Magento vacation rental booking script is the best bet.

And here are give best bets you can give a try for building a vacation rental website without having a nervous breakdown.

Apptha Airhotels – Top Magento 2 Airbnb Clone Script

Apptha is a brand that is reputed to provide world-class eCommerce extensions on several platforms. It’s Magento 2 based airbnb clone script goes by the name Apptha Airhotels. Airhotels is inspired by the top players of online hotel and travel booking. With Apptha Airhotels you can customize the script to create a unique and utilitarian vacation rental website that looks and feels like Airbnb, Homestay and the likes.

Apphitect Vacation Rental Script – Available on Magento 1 & 2

Apphitect’s offering can be counted as the best vacation rental script for one reason. You can launch your online vacation booking website in no time. It is a readymade software that is also totally customizable to meet your unique business requirements. Hourly booking, payment integrations, multi-currency and multi-lingual compatibility, integrated maps, user reviews and rating systems are some of the highlight features of Apphitect vacation rental booking software.

Apptha Airhotels – Best Selling Airbnb Clone Script on Magento

Apptha’s Airhotel is reviewed as the one of the prominent Airbnb clone scripts in today’s market. As their features are developed using highly performing Magento platform. The parameters are tested on the performance of the features, Responsiveness, and nature of the functionalities. Apptha Airhotel clone script is enriched with customizable checkout attribute which is similar to cogzidel Airbnb clone script.

Airfinch – Appkodes’ Airbnb Clone Script

Airfinch – Appkkodes’ airbnb clone script is the only thing you will ever need if building a vacation rental website that works identical to Airbnb. Airfinch comes loaded with state-of-the-art vacation website booking features including calendar integrations for booking, property management, simple reservation process, internal messaging system for host and guests, admin moderation for properties, guest profiles and host profiles. Make a quick dash to their website to know more about their readymade script.

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The Nine Hertz – Readymade Airbnb Clone Software

Nine Hertz is a readymade airbnb clone software that integrates the workflow and user experience strategies of Airbnb. Nine Hertz can be used to build rental websites for a wide variety of businesses like housing, restaurant, hostels, events, tattoo artists, and much more. It it 100% customizable and comes packed with user-centric features like social logins, advanced search, mobile responsive design, etc.

Eager to build and launch your vacation rental website? These vacation rental website scripts offer the best means to achieve just that. Most of them are readymade means, you can go from idea to reality without losing yourself in coding, designing and the other nitty gritty of launching an online business.

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