9 Most Popular Productivity Extensions for Chrome

Google launched Chrome nearly 9 years ago. It was initially released for Windows and later for MacOS, Android, Linux and iOS.

As on 10th November 2016, there were 2 billion  active chrome browsers across the world. This is a sufficient measure of Chrome’s growing popularity over the years.

Features like synchronized applications, tabbed browsing, accounts, spell check, in- browser translation, integrated address bar and search bar called the Omnibox, are extremely popular among its users.

At present, Chrome’s has the highest share of 55.68% in the internet browser market. Safari and UC Browser are far behind in the list with 14.22% and 7.3% share respectively. While marketers across the globe continue to find ways to increase app downloads, Chrome has over 1 billion downloads on mobile alone. So much to take from that. Isn’t it?

What adds to Chrome’s recognition is that it is easier to launch from the desktop, to load web pages and run complex web applications extremely fast. It is also easy to search and navigate from the same search box and arrange tabs according to one’s needs.

With a built-in malware and auto updates, which provide all the latest security fixes, it protects its users from an average number of 205 million malicious websites monthly. What’s more, it is easily customizable with apps, extensions and themes which can be downloaded from the Google Chrome web store.

There is no surprise why Google store in inundated with numerous Chrome extensions today. These plugins are a great means to improve the functioning of the browser.

One of the standout features of the Chrome extensions is to clean up browsing data and local profiles of the users for cache, providing faster browsing.

Every user wants speed and efficiency which is exactly what such extensions provide. Other interesting features include background noise, wallpapers, organize tabs, put timers on emails etc.

Ask anyone today, the surfing experience multiplies manifolds using these small softwares. There are different categories these plugins are available. Sales, Marketing, Social, Speed, Security, Business are widely searched for.

Most of these plugins are useful in organizing our day to day work. They come with useful short cuts which makes it easier and faster to reach targets, providing better efficiency. Helping towards active branding, extensions are thus great for improvisation of overall business performance.

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Using this beautiful infographic below, today, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular Productivity extensions for Chrome


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