How much does it cost to Build a taxi app like Uber, Lyft, Ola?

Building a taxi booking App like uber is not at all a simple task. It requires a huge amount of investment as well as the best developer to build a successful taxi app like Uber. If you want to build a successful taxi booking app like Uber you must consider and analyze the following features as follow.

A successful Taxi booking app consists of 3 different important modules

  1. Passenger  App
  2. Driver App
  3. Admin Panel

Passenger  App – Primary Features

A Passenger App must include all following features, every developer must and should consider these factors while developing a successful and effective taxi booking app.

  • Login /Registration
  • Pickup and destination location
  • Taxi booking
  • Choice of Taxi
  • Tracking Driver
  • Fare Estimator
  • Mode of payment, Fare Splitting etc
  • Trip status and safety
  • Notifications
  • Driver rating
  • User Profile

Driver App – Essential Features

Every Driver App must include the following features and these fewer functionalities as follows

  • Registration
  • Booking Response
  • Status updates
  • History
  • Navigation
  • Notification

Admin Panel requirements for effective taxi booking app

 Admin panel is an essential part of every successful taxi booking app. This is a web-based tool helps admins to manage the Driver as well as Passengers apps parallelly. This effectively helps both passengers and Drivers to avoid chaos as well as to ensure the smooth and flexible relationship between passenger as well as Drivers. With the help of admin panel, admin can have the complete control of accounts, activities, announce or modify promotions, suggest best navigational routes, monitor revenue,  as well as manage the data collection.

 Every effective Admin panel must consist of following essential features

  • Login / registration
  • Driver database with history
  • Passenger database
  • Fare rates
  • Admin profile
  • Dashboard

To develop an effective and successful admin panel like uber taxi booking app, the required time must vary from the range 80hrs to 240 hrs . to develop a simple panel it will take 80 hours and to develop a complex panel it will take around 240 hours with the above mentioned advanced features.

If you have time and budget limitations, the best option is to outsource your Taxi App Development to well experienced and Reputed companies for best results.

Integration Cost

Every successful Taxi booking app will need the following basic as well as even more integrations

  1. GPS based Geo-location tagging
  2. Payment Gateway integration
  3. SMS or Push notifications
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Additional Expenses involved in Taxi App  Development

The essential additional estimated budget must be allocated to the following expenses  such as

  • Quality Assurance
  • DevOps
  • Project management

Other important considerations


It is very essential to consider that every developer wants to create a Taxi App like Uber or you want to build a clone script? This is one of the major questions must be asked by every developer for themselves.

If you are planning to develop a  Taxi App like Uber, you must certainly determine what different unique features you are offering to customers in the market, These features must be unique and should never be similar as other competitors in the available market. So that these unique features help you to stand apart from the crowd.

Cost to develop Taxi App

The cost estimated below to build a Taxi App is just an estimation it will vary as per your unique features and flexibility feature of your Taxi App whether your App is simple or complex. How you want your App to perform.

To develop a successful Taxi booking App like uber, developer would need following requirements.

Time : 2000- 2500 hours

Team size : 8-10 developers

Looking Forward to developing a successful Taxi App like Uber ???

If you are looking forward to a successful Taxi Booking App, we are always ready to help you with the development of such great successful apps for your business.

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