The Evolution of Digital Comics

Just 7 years ago, only 20% of thepeople in the U.S. had access to the Internet when using theirsmartphones. Now, there are over 60% of Americans who can access theInternet wherever they are. This is good news for people who love online comics since they can read any time they want. 

The rise in internet access paved theway for the popularity of digital comics since people can use theirmobile devices to read the content. Although it is available offline,there are more features that can be enjoyed when there is internetaccess.

Those who want to read fresh contentcan just go online and get those stories right away. The rise in thenumber of people with Internet access on their phones is not just inthe U.S. but around the world as well. This also helped make digitalcomics more popular across several countries. 

Telecommunication companies in many countries are also doing their best to improve Internet signal even in remote places. This will just make digital contents even more popular. It should not come as a surprise that more people are reading digital comics on a daily basis. 

If the trend isto be read, this is just getting better. More people will beinterested in digital comics especially if they see just how excitingthe stories are. They just need to understand how digital comics workand how they are somehow similar to an actual comic book. 

For sure, there will be moreimprovements in the future and this is good news to avid fans ofdigital comics. If you are one of them, you might also enjoy theinfographics below. It details the evolution of comics and how mostpeople still love reading them until now despite the presence ofother sources of entertainment. 

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