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Television and the Changes It Is Facing

Television and the Changes It Is Facing

Technology has been advancing rapidly, which has called for great changes in the TV industry. This also means that the traditional notion of television is experiencing fundamental changes as well. More and more companies are producing and selling smart TVs which have internet access and can run a variety of applications, which makes cable boxes obsolete. A vast majority of smart TV owners download apps which help them record and watch TV shows whenever they want to. In order to help you navigate through the multitude of features that modern television has to offer, we have chosen a couple of tips and recommendations for you to follow.

Digital OTT companies

Companies like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and many more are rapidly gaining in popularity by offering their customers pay-per-view options to watch almost any TV show there is at a reasonable price. One can see how these apps are essentially stealing business from traditional cable and satellite TV companies. It is estimated that they are raking in more than $30 billion dollars in revenue. If you really want to revisit an older TV show that makes you feel nostalgic, then we strongly recommend subscribing to one of these websites.

Television and the Changes It Is Facing

Mobile devices

Watching TV shows, news, movies and other forms of entertainment is no longer restricted to your TV. You can now use your phone, or any other high-tech mobile device, to access a variety of video streaming apps for free. You can even connect your smartphone to your TV screen and stream the videos and photos you have captured. You can use your smartphone as a Wi-Fi hotspot, which will allow your smart TV to access apps like YouTube, Vimeo and many others.

Ownership of video content

Amazon and Facebook have become the largest owners of online video content in the world. Additionally, not only do they own it, but they are also responsible for creating more and more of it. The real issue arises when the question of quality comes to light. It all depends on the viewer’s particular taste, and that is why these companies have invested so much in collecting data from people about what they want to see. By analysing this information, they can decide which shows should be funded and which cancelled. Facebook always keeps track of its users’ preferences and interests, and then sells them for a lot of money to broadcasting companies ‒ which means that all the new TV shows that come out are extremely successful because they are exactly what consumers wanted.

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Cutting the cord

Many households all over the world have decided to get rid of cable TV. This is due to the fact that fewer people are interested in the programs that regular cable TV has to offer. The fact is that there is a significant number of young adults who don’t watch the news and other cable programs, but instead look forward to enjoying some shows on Netflix after a long day at work. It is interesting to know that broadcasters, like Bloomberg TV, offer live streams of talk-shows, interviews and other interesting content on their websites. Additionally, a lot of companies, like Red Bull and GoPro, have created online channels which they use to market their products, and stream interesting content as well. All of these new methods of streaming content have replaced the demand for traditional cable TV.

Television and the Changes It Is Facing

Digital Antennas

This may sound weird while we are talking about the future of television, but most households today still like to use them. Apart from homes, businesses prefer using digital TV antennas as well because they are reliable and easy to install. If you truly want to enjoy great quality broadcasts, we recommend this affordable option. In order to get the best service, we recommend hiring experts from Install My Antenna to help you choose the best digital antennas.

Online Clouds

Another step towards eliminating the need for cable boxes is the invention of the cloud. It is used for storing and streaming of multimedia content. This has forced broadcasting companies which wish to invest in the cloud to completely change their business models. Moreover, these companies have to change the way they implement pricing, their channels and even the technology they possess. Charter Communications, the owners of Time Warner, have recently begun offering cable-like services in the cloud to their customers at an affordable price. This is slowly, but surely leading to the downfall of traditional commercial cable television. Is the cloud becoming the future of TV technology? We will have to wait and find out.

Television and the Changes It Is Facing

As we can see, the future of television is rapidly evolving. More and more people are breaking free from the classic cable box and turning towards new and more exciting ways to enjoy entertainment.

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image credit: creativecommons.org

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