Australia Cruise Tips – Experiences You Won't Be Able to For

Would you like to go on a cruise filled with stunning views, landscapes, marvelous coastlines and glorious reefs? If so, Australia has so much to offer to you. That’s why we decided to help you have an unforgettable cruise experience by listing a hand-picked selection of cruises in the land down under. These are perfect if you’re tired and looking to recharge your batteries to the fullest but also snap some stunning photos along the way. How could you afford to miss out on some of the world’s top cruise destinations? We surely won’t. 

Taste Tasmania

Tasmania – a place undermined and overlooked by the vast majority in the past now seems like a proper tourist Mecca. In the past it was considered to be a kind of a backwater of Australia. For many years. Aussies neglected it, but fortunately, things are different nowadays. Now, it is well known for great food, wine and art. Pick Tasmania as your next holiday destination and you could have yourself a 7-night cruise that starts in Melbourne, which you’ll never forget. You’ll meet Hobart and everything this city has to offer. Taste the traditional porridge served with beetroot relish at the ‘Old New Eggs’. Then head over to the Pigeon Hole Cafe for a fine cup of coffee. While you’re there we strongly advise you to try Tassie’s famous seafood.  Pop that champagne with your significant other and let your senses relax as you enjoy your Tasmania cruise. If you’re not very busy at the moment, you might want to look for some bargain cruise deals in 2018. However, do know that various deals are only on sale for a limited time!  

See the Great Barrier Reef

Due to the fact that the Great Barrier Reef takes pride in its place on the World Heritage list, it is no surprise that many tourists adore visiting Queensland. Queensland in general is a state that has something for everyone but the 2300km-long stretch is simply a must-see! Why? Because the reef’s crystal blue waters look even better in real life than those from your dreams. Nature lovers adore it because the water is so clear that you can see its residents wandering underneath. Surely you want to see those magical turtles or yellow and green fish. On top of that, above water you’ll stumble upon islands that are out of this world when it comes to beauty and uniqueness. The Whitsundays are so stunning that you won’t think twice about snapping a photo or two. If you like dolphins, you’ll love Moreton Island and waters around it. There are even some shipwrecks so bring your snorkels if you’re up for an adventure! 

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Locals recommend the South Pacific

According to many Aussies, one of the popular local choices is a cruise to or from an Australian homeport to the islands of the well-known route across the Tasman to the South Pacific included Fiji, Noumea, Auckland and Port Vila, but it has been expanded to include all of New Zealand, more of Vanuatu and New Caledonia and some of Samoa and Tonga, with occasional forays as far as French Polynesia and Hawaii. We wouldn’t be surprised if you hadn’t heard of some of the places on this route. But isn’t that a challenge on its own? Surely, you’d want to explore and learn something about New Caledonia, for example? In the end, they say that New Caledonia sits in the heart of Pacific. What about Noumea? Imagine the Kanak heritage combined with French heritage. That’s what Noumea is. If you happen to find yourself there one day, be sure to check out the Amedee lighthouse and Aquarium des Lagons Nouvelle Caledonie. 

Fraser Island – a proud member of the World Heritage list 

Just like the Great Barrier Reef, Fraser Island is also featured on the World Heritage list. Fraser Island boasts magical rainforests, out-of-this-world cliffs and sand blows and of course, numerous freshwater lakes (over 100 of them). But, more and more tourists claim that the Maheno shipwreck is what really stands out here. Adrenaline junkies adore poking around the shipwreck and exploring inside. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for hiking or kayaking in order to discover this place, you are in for an adventure. We also recommend visiting the remote western side for its untouched beauty. Even though this island really lays in untamed wilderness and rugged terrain, there still are luxurious, natural and relaxing accommodations. If you like fishing, this island will be a treat for you. Try fishing off 75 Mile Beach on the eastern side of the island where you’ll see a diverse range of fish species available throughout the whole year. 

Australia is truly a unique place. Waters around it are no different. So, we believe that you now have an idea of what your next holiday cruise itinerary will be. It doesn’t matter whether you go for Tasmania, Queensland or Fraser Island, one thing is for sure, you will have some amazing stories to tell when you get back home along with some stunning photos for your Instagram. A true wanderlust doesn’t miss out on an excellent cruise. Bear that in mind!

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