5 must have trade show technologies for small businesses in 2018

The ultimate goal of any entrepreneur is to skyrocket the business and make a brand out of the business for entire world. And in order to reach the sky, entrepreneurs use everything under the sun to keep their company head above the water. Some adopt entirely new strategies while some opt for already tested ones. Reaching business to business and client markets is the ultimate goal, and all strategies work here. However, we are here to talk about one super business impression boosting strategy and that is business promotion through events like conference, seminar, trade show and meeting. Among all these listed events, the hot favorite among industry experts is trade show because it gets most traffic and provides a chance to collect hundreds of thousands of leads. Here we will talk about 5 must have trade show technologies for small business in 2018 in order to make lasting and branded impression on the visitors.

Charging station:


How many times have you forgotten to charge you smartphone right when it was badly needed? We all occasionally go through it and let me tell you it’s a norm. And finding a charging point at your event or gathering is no less than a treat. So, why should you not offer a charging station in the booth? The traffic will follow instantly and spend some time too till the phone or tablet is charged fully. This is the time when the visitor is free and one can easily engage to get some real identifiable information. Conducting a short survey, a video presentation or a random questionnaire would work just fine. The iPad on rental basis is the perfect device to use in this regard.

Make attractive display with the help of giant LED or iPad wall:

Trade shows gets the most foot traffic and getting the most out of this traffic is only possible when you expand the reach to entire venue. Giant LED and iPad jeopardy walls can increase the reach with the help of giant displays used for marketing and brand message. A nicely crafted video that welcomes everyone near the booth could be the best resource to catch the attention of an attendee in such a crowded gathering.

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Robots are latest sensation:

We are living in the age of tech-savvy people. Especially the younger generation between the ages of 20 to 35 years is crazy about the latest new gadgets. Offering a really interactive robotic welcome that sooths and satisfies their tech-cunning nature would grab the attention and would compel to explore more about the brand. So, the pitch is set all the need is to play an amazing lead generation innings.

Use iPad and tablet for registrations:

Stop using pen and paper for getting users to write their information at the attendance. Grow with the fast changing world of technology and business. iPad is the latest and cunning replacement for pen and paper, also providing access to millions of applications via AppStore, you can leverage any free or paid data collection application for the purpose.


Not only the iPad can be used at the registration desk but also it can be used whole time during the event. Consider the example of Tablet Hire USA – iPad rental’s conference plan that covers the whole duration and all departments of the gathering.

Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality is the latest technology in the arena right now and everyone is ready to get his hands on it in the first place. Product launch events could be easily transformed with the help of this latest innovation as every new product can be given hands on experience with latest VR technology.

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