Best Letgo Clone Scripts and Apps of 2017

There is a saying that “It hurts to letgo, but sometimes it hurts more to hold on”.

But Nowadays, it hurts even more to find a best letgo clone so here are a few best letgo clone scripts and apps to launch your own buy/sell marketplace.

What is Clone?


Many of us think that cloning is just a simple technique of creating a new website with the help of some tools which copies or reinvents the existing website. If you are one among them then your imagination must be out of the universe.

Website clone is a technique which refers to getting inspired from an existing website and creating a legit website with unique design, features, and performance.


A Website clone script allows aspiring entrepreneurs to create and start their own website venture without the need to develop it from scratch.

The most popular clones which are done by most of the companies are Like Airbnb for online space rental, Facebook for social media, Tinder for dating and Letgo for Buy and Sell.

Among these Letgo is one of the major income-generating online business models in which every individual wish to start on their own. But, Most of the people gets confused since there were many letgo clones offered by many web development companies.

So, Here am gonna list out the top letgo clones with features comparison (which makes your work easy to find which one you have to buy) available in the market right now.

So I guess it’s enough about the clones and let’s get to the point.

Appkodes Letgo Clone – Joysale (Script and Apps)

If you are one of the people who looks for the ultimate best letgo clone script with all features, then Appkodes is the destination you have to reach. Appkodes – Joysale Script is the cool looking buy sell script with native Ios and Android applications. Joysale Script fulfills the needs of a business owner, buyer, and seller which is the most significant thing for an upcoming business aspirants to look upon. Joysale is available more than one year in the market.

Appkodes – Joysale Script lets seller and buyer to get connected through an instant internal chat messaging system which makes the communication even better. Also, Joysale allows users to signup instantly via phone numbers which make the process user-friendly.

Features of Joysale

  • Instant Internal Chat among users


  • Product swapping provision


  • Multicurrency and Multilingual including Arabic with RTL/LTR add-ons


  • Ad Promotions via banners
  • Recently viewed products for sellers

Things to be considered before buying Joysale Script:

100% Customizable – Joysale Script can be customized according to the business owners wish.

The Joysale script is developed with PHP, Yii-Framework for Web, Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android.

Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP (LAMP) Technology stack has been used in Joysale Script.

The business owner doesn’t need any programming knowledge to maintain the script. But if the owner has knowledge on codings then he may alternate the script by his own wish.


It is more Adoptable in which it can be used to launch any type of business such as Real Estate, Electronic Store, Car Rental, Arts and Crafts Stores, Book Stores etc.


People can reach Appkodes support team via Live Chat, E-mail, Direct Call and Support Ticket System.


There were more than 200+ successful sites running in the market using Joysale script. Here is a link to the website for your reference Bazaringo


Webnexs Letgo Clone – Buy and Sell (Script and Apps)Webnexs offers its best letgo clone in the name of Buy and Sell Script. This Script comes with both web and mobile applications. The mobile apps support native Ios and Android. It has a special feature for shipping where you can get your product collected immediately from your doorstep and ship them to your customers at your ease. Automated shipping arrangements in your buy and sell marketplace store will help eliminate manual intervention and help you to focus on other major businesses.

Webnexs – Buy and Sell Script provides Marketing automation which sets up a seamless communication between the sellers and buyers. The Buy and Sell script has a 50+ demo available to the users. Moreover, it provides many payment gateways to make the money transactions easier for admin, buyers and also sellers. The script has a wide variety of 400+ Features to drive your Buy and Sell Marketplace Business to Success.

Features of Buy Sell Script

  • Overview Panel of Order Management
  • Customize the store without modifying code
  • Filter payment by country or currency
  • Track visitor activity
  • SMARTY templating engine for themes.

There were more than 100+ successful sites running in the market using Webnexs script. Here is a link to the website for your reference Orderyourchoice

Apptha Letgo Clone – BuySell (Mobile Apps)

Apptha’s Buy Sell is a ready-to-go mobile marketplace app building solution to fabricate a native, buy sell business app. This Buy Sell comes only with mobile application and does not support the web. The Apptha Buy Sell supports both native Ios and Android apps. This pre-built letgo clone script has highlights that cater to the needs of buyers, sellers and business owners.


Apptha Buy Sell – Letgo clone mobile app makes the communication better between buyers and sellers by providing mailing system. In addition, it has features like automated mail notifications inform sellers, product owners and admin about instances like new product listing, offer acceptance and so on.


Features of Buy Sell App

  • 100% customizable
  • Native — iOS and Android
  • On cloud — Free one year cloud hosting
  • User location tracking
  • Social sign up and sign in.

Here is a link to the live demo for the BuySell App.

Appscrip Letgo Clone – Yelo (Mobile Apps)

Appscript – Yelo is a totally integrated and pre-built app which can help entrepreneurs launching a completely functional buy and sell business via portable devices. This script is available for Android apps and will be available within a week( I guess ) on Ios and Web with features for product comparison, offers, a chat system with sellers & buyers, social integrations, sharing, etc.


Yelo – Appscript users can easily negotiate with product owners and close deals easily. This Script is grounded on technologies like GraphDB, NodeJS, Socket.IO, MongoDB, etc. which makes it an, in fact, stable and market-friendly letgo clone app solution in the market. It is featured with an extra zing on OfferUp/letgo clone App by adding a social element which allows users to follow their favorite sellers and get informed whenever they post a new product.

Features of Yelo App

  • User and Category Management
  • Manage Reported Posts
  • Insights into products views, clicks
  • Register or sign in with Social Media
  • Know Your Followers.

Here is a link to the live demo for the Yelo App.

Final Thoughts of Apps of 2017

Finally, These were the top most letgo clone script and apps available in the market right now. So, if you are looking to launch your own buy sell business like letgo with both the script and apps then by now you would have come to know that which one you must choose. You have to choose either which one you gonna launch just the apps or with the web and apps. Its up to you.

What do you think?

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