Everything One Should Know About Concrete Painting and Spraying

There is no rule that the concrete surface should remain in boring shades of grey. One can make concrete walls beautiful by adding good shades of color.

One important thing to keep in mind while concrete painting is to ensure that the paint used are made of dyes, as they are specifically intended for this purpose. Such paints are widely known as concrete paints. Unlike normal paints, concrete paints are water based; as a result, the probability of getting the desired result is more with the use of concrete paints.  Manual painting and spray Painting are two ways to paint concrete.

Concrete painting is something, which demands lots of time and patience.  Since, the concrete surfaces are more absorbable, and can transport moisture, unless experts, using high quality paints, do it, the results can be quite disappointing.

It is always advisable to assign these jobs to an expert having considerable experience in this field.  If you are looking for durability and finishing rather than saving money, go for a professional concrete painting and spraying services provider!

Steps involved in concrete painting. 

In case you chose to do the painting on your own, go for the following steps to get better results in concrete painting.

  • Pressure Cleaning: The first step in concrete painting is to clean the area by avoiding the small piths and patches on the concrete area.  It is advisable to do a high-pressure cleaning before painting.
  • Removal of debris: Remove debris of old paints and dirt that are present on the surface using a scraper, wire brush or a power washer. It is essential to remove vines, moss, or other plant life, in the surrounding area.
  • Sanding: Sand the surface for sufficient grip and durability
  • Protect from Moisture: In order to prevent moisture problems, especially in high humid regions, apply water-soluble concrete sealers so that the paint would last long.  In addition, it helps to prevent the growth of molds.
  • Level the cracks: Fill the piths, patches, cracks, and apertures with concrete mix and patch compounds to level the small holes and cracks in the concrete floor.
  • Paint the Area:  Apply two or three coats of customized paints for each surface.  Ensure sufficient time is given to dry between each coating.
  • Apply Sealer: For glow apply one or two coats of sealers leaving enough time between each coat, to dry properly.
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Spraying Services

Spraying is nothing, but the use of a device for painting, where the device sprays a coat of paint through the air and finally to the area to be painted.  Different types of spray painters are employed, and many companies produce spray painting devices of which some are given below.

  • Air gun Spraying:  Here, the painting is done with the help of an air-pressurized spray gun, which has a nozzle, a paint basin – a basin to collect the paint, and an air compressor.
  • Electric Fan:  This is a hand-held spraying service.  Here, either the paint combines with the air or the paint is converted into tiny droplets and ooze out of the nozzle.
  • Airless Spray Guns:  In this case, the spray gun is connected to a high-pressure pump.
  • High Volume Low pressure:  It uses a compressor to supply air.  In this type of painting, a higher volume of air is used for spraying service.  As a result, high volume of paint reaches the target surface.
  • Spray-booth:  It is a pressure-controlled closed environment, used to paint vehicles.  Artist may also use spray booth facility.

There are many spray service providers in the market.  Choose the right team based on your requirements after considering their experience, the tools they use, and the cost.

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