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What You Should Know About Tonachino Plaster Finish

With features such as easy application and great sturdiness, the Venetian plaster known as the Tonachino plaster finish is a great choice of lime-based plasters which can serve both, interior and exterior applications. Tonachino finish is basically a modern version of the Italian plaster which is highly recognized for its warmth as well as its dramatic appearance. The authenticity and the sand finish given by this plaster are desired by designers and architects all over the world. Being a very unique mixture of different types of natural ingredients which includes river sands, polymer admixtures, powdered marble and slaked lime which helps in giving a splendid grip, a great durability and helps a lot in making it highly resistant towards water. Also coloring the plaster is really easy as they are naturally white in color.

For the best quality of wall treatments which are hugely required in places like commercial buildings and villas, tonachino plasters comes really handy. It would help you in creating the interior of your dreams and you can also add various effects of different colors as per your choice. Along with being used to decorate interior and exterior walls, ceilings etc, Tonachino plaster finish can also be applied to any material that have smooth surface. 

A Brief Description Of Tonachino 

Tonachino mainly comprises of pure slaked lime and that is why the base is white with a paste like consistency. The reason behind using the pure slaked lime is the fact that the finish has a really high-quality appearance. With the help of pure slaked lime, you would get an architectural finish which looks great and is resistant towards moisture. And then with 0.2 to 0.6 mm in diameter, the granular river sand helps in giving tonachino its density, strength and characteristic beauty. Before getting dry in oven the round granular sand has all the salts and dusts removed and then the polymeric resin present are primarily used in order to ease off the workability process during application and the acrylic polymers helps in achieving that great durability.

 it patches and repairs any type of damages that has been caused in the substrates. The multipurpose primer is applied on the prime substrate and then it is left out so that it can get dried up quickly. Then later on one coat of diluted primer applied and then it is left to be dried for the next 5 hours. The diluted primer application is majorly required by the flat surface preparations.

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How to Apply? 

  1. It is very important initially to pressure wash and then clean the surfaces.
  2. A diluted primer with 50% water is applied once the surface gets completely dried up.
  3. Then it should be left to dry for the next 4 hours at least.
  4. The low spots are needed to be filled in order to create a flat surface when the application of smoothing coat by using finer grain cement or acrylic base material is executed over the general brown coat.
  5. In order to have a custom finish project of a given standard, the mock up sample board has been put under usage which is also generally accepted. Services of personal consultation along with custom applications development is provided by each and every company.
  6. Some unique effects like stencils which are custom made or even metallic effect can bring about an enhanced and royal look to the Tonachino plaster finish.
  7. Machine colorants and universal tints are generally used for dyeing different colors in tonachino plaster; 

A very high rate of coverage is being yielded by tonachino. In most of the applications that are standard in nature, 20 kilograms of tonachino covers approx 110-180 square feet in two coats.  Building a home for yourself is not something that you can do often. You would want your home to be pretty and pleasing to the eyes. Tonachino plaster finish can help you achieve this goal for your interiors as well as exteriors, without having to shell much money for it.


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