Pergola vs. Gazebo: Which is Right for Your Garden?

When it comes to our gardens, we like to turn them into the places of peace and comfort. Cozy furniture, creative landscaping, and plants are all part of that process. However, a garden owner faces a lot of dilemmas on the way and one of them is whether to choose a pergola or gazebo.

However, in order to be able to come to the best decision, you need to know the differences between the two. In order to help you see which one is right for your garden, here are some facts that will best portray the pergola vs. gazebo question.

The elegance of a gazebo

The gazebo is a freestanding structure which graced the gardens of Ancient Greece and Rome. It is made of wood in most cases and has a distinguishable hexagonal or octagonal shape. The roof usually is cone-shaped and you can have a seat inside on the benches mounted on the inner wall.

In gardens, a gazebo is a place where you can relax and have the best view of the landscape. It can vary in size and accommodate for a large number of people which is perfect for hosting dinners. During the day, these are perfect spots to find shelter from the sun, rain, and other elements or simply relax after a busy day.

Why choose a gazebo?

Gazebos are a classic addition to the garden and you will often find them in parks, as well. Although their initial use was to provide shelter, over time they have turned into much more. Today, they are perceived as items that will give your garden a sophisticated look and elegance.

A permanent gazebo is made of wood, while removable ones are usually from a screen tent. However, Boho garden styles use all sorts of solid fabrics for the roofing and transparent canopy for the walls. With some pillows on the floor, you will have a perfect place to play with your kids or lay back and read a book.

The creativity of a pergola

Pergola is a structure build from grid roofing supported by vertical pillars. Since the roof is made only from beams it needs some type of cover to provide optimum protection, like vines. When it comes to walls, shades and pergolas go hand in hand in order to provide a good shade.

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This type of structure allows the garden owners to be creative and use it as a feature or part of the outdoor living space. It can stand as an entrance to another part of the garden or serve as a walkway. Although their rectangular structure is perfect to serve as a shelter, they are in fact not of much use during rainy weather.

Why choose a pergola?

Egyptians were big fans of pergolas, as were Italians during the Renaissance period. The name means “close walk of bough” in Italian and refers to their look as a structure covered in plants. But today’s pergolas differ from the ones used several centuries ago.

While their traditional look is still the most appealing one, people tend to decide on the pergolas made of sturdier materials like iron and glass. In this respect, they will get closer to being as functional as gazebos against some harsh weather. Also, due to their openness, pergolas rarely use electronics and lights in order to avoid accidents caused by electricity.

Which one to choose?

The biggest difference is in their appearance and purpose, although the latter is adaptable to the personal needs of the garden owner. If you have a deck space, consider going with a pergola since it will be an excellent addition to your patio.

On the other hand, large gardens could benefit from a gazebo as a place to enjoy nature and relax. Also, take into consideration the architecture of your house and how the structure you choose will affect it. For example, more colonial types are better suited to a gazebo, and the ones harboring a Mediterranean style should go with gazebo.

In the end

There are more factors that will affect the look of your garden than just your wishes. After all, you have a certain budget and that can be a deciding factor for pergola vs. gazebo dilemma. In the end, the right structure for your garden is the one that suits your preferences the best and you should go with it.

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