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Tips On Maintaining Your Lawn In Winter

Maintaining your lawn

A beautiful, lush, green lawn is beneficial to us in many ways. It not only looks great but can assist with noise pollution and dust control. Greener grass can also improve the quality of the air and water in surrounding areas. Maintaining your lawn throughout the year is not easy if you don’t know where to start, but with a few tips, you will be on the road to greener pastures all year round.


Apply Winter Fertilizer

Applying winter fertilizer towards the end of autumn or early in winter is usually the best time to do so. This can also depend on the area you live in. Not everyone is blessed enough to live in an area that is warm throughout the year. If you do experience snow, then it is recommended you apply winter fertilizer just before the first freeze. This will increase all the nutrients in the soil and will remain there throughout winter feeding your soils roots and in turn strengthening them. The process of your grass feeding on the nutrients from the winter fertilizer will continue even beneath the snow.


Keep Your Grass Short

Mowing your lawn before winter is a great way of avoiding a few problems that can arise with having long grass.  Some of these problems can come from insects and burrowing animals that are in search of a warm place to stay. They can damage your grass and create dead spots in places where they choose to stay. Keeping your lawn short in winter is also a good way of avoiding disease within the grass which can lead to the destruction of the nutrients from the fertilizer.

A good way to keep your grass short is to lower the cutting base of your lawn mower during the months prior to winter. This adjustment can also be made on your favorite Z-Turn lawn mower. Be careful not to overdo it because you could cut off all the grass and you will be left with a brown lawn.


Prevent Lawn Traffivc

Great amounts of foot traffic on your lawn can eventually lead to pathways being developed. Even with good treatment the grass will still have a difficult time in trying to grow back. Another important thing to avoid is parking vehicles on your lawn. Even if it is for a short while, the vehicles will leave a lasting impression on the soil. And if you continue to park on the lawn it will end up killing off all the good grass. Weeds usually tend to spring up during this time.

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Prepare Your Lawn For The Winter

Grass growth is seriously impaired in winter and there won’t be much lawn care needed. That’s why it is important to prepare in the months leading in winter. If done properly, your lawn will be in good shape on the first day of spring. Make sure you rake dead leaves of your lawn. This can cause your grass to become mossy and moldy which can lead to wet spots. Fertilize the lawn before the first freeze, as mentioned earlier.



The growth of your grass during the winter season is very discouraging. You need to be motivated enough in order to take the steps above to ensure a good looking lawn. Neglecting your lawn in the months prior to and throughout winter will leave you with a terrible looking lawn that will need to be treated extensively in the months to come in order to look presentable in the summer months. It is also always important to maintain your lawn and garden at all times.

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