How to Maintain Your Home’s Exterior

Excellent curb appeal does not only sell a property, but it also makes it at home. Create a prospect you can look forward to when coming back home from work and something passers-by can enjoy on their way.

Roof and foundation maintenance

Just because you often do not pay attention to them, it does not mean that the top and the bottom of your home do not require maintenance. When you are doing those big seasonal clean-ups around your home twice a year, have a look at the cracks in the foundation. You are looking for cracks which could let the water in and cause structural damage. If you do spot them, make sure that no damage was done yet and seal it off properly. Do the same for your roof. Have a look at it every once in a while, to make sure that all shingles are where they are supposed to be. Missing and broken shingles can lead to leaks, as well as pest infestations and birds nesting in the hole which can only cause further damage.

Protect from corrosion

You know that rusting is something that happens with time. However, for those that live in humid regions, particularly if they are close to a sea or an ocean, protecting from rust should be a matter of regular maintenance. Salt in the air could speed up the corrosion so it would be best to apply the protective treatments to all of the metal surfaces such as outdoor stair railings, once a year. Make a choice of the color and ask the shop assistant to recommend the best brand for the issue you have. Before you apply paint, get a quality primer with anti-corrosive pigments for extra protection. Wipe the railings regularly to get rid of the built-up layers of salt.

Clean the gutters

Cleaning rain gutters is not a matter of aesthetics. Without the most appropriate flow and drainage, your home and roof can be exposed to water damage. Also, clogged gutters can lead to those nasty moldy stains on your sidings. To avoid all of that, clean your home’s exterior twice a year when it gets most critical. People usually do it in springtime and again in autumn. To avoid getting injured, there are kits with tools specially designed for cleaning gutters from the ground and they might be a safer alternative than having to go up the long ladder.

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Give it a wash

Your home’s exterior can get the look like it has been freshly painted by the means of very basic cleaning, really. You can and should give it a wash every so often. Invest in a quality pressure washer and you will be set for years. Look into recommendations and get the best bang for your buck. For example, Australians know they are perfectly fine with a Hoselink pressure washer, as it is frequently used, and people have had good experiences with it. Opting for a cheaper device of an unknown imported brand could be a gamble and may not produce the desired results, be mindful of the delicate surfaces when washing in order not to damage them.

Look for signs of damage to your siding

Once you have washed your home’s exterior, be it with a pressure-washer or the traditional soapy water and a sturdy brush, you need to check for signs of damage. Any chips and cracks can be a point of entry for pests into your home, or even your walls and create structural damage to the entire house. Also, it could simply compromise your insulation and allow for water damage. Again, you need the right tools. Get a siding removal tool to remove and reattach the damaged piece. Make sure to inspect this point of injury to your home and confirm whether you fixed it in time, or there was already damage done to your property. Depending on the type of the potential damage, seek the right remedy.

Check the windows

If you want your home to look good, be air-tight and protect you from pests and the elements. You can start the work by looking for any signs of damage and seal it off. You can use wood fillers to fix any holes, cracks, and scratches. Once that is done, you should sand off the old paint, prime the wood, and refinish it. If you don’t have wooden windows that you need to give them a good scrub but making sure that what you are using to clean is not too abrasive and will not damage the surface you are cleaning. When it comes to the glass itself, you can use any commercial product. As you know there are products available which are good for both your window, your skin, and the environment. Alternatively, you can use a mixture of water and lemon juice or vinegar to get the job done.

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Your deck and your driveway

Employ your pressure-washer yet once again and give the surfaces surrounding your home a good wash. Wooden decks require more maintenance and you should refinish them once a year. Again, before you apply a fresh coat of finish, you should sand off the old one, prime the wood and paint it, or apply several coats of finish. For those with large wooden surfaces, termites and wood boring insects could cause a lot of damage. When you are refinishing your wooden deck, gazebo, or pergola, make sure you apply treat against these insects.

Maintaining a home is all about frequency. Most of the major tasks are performed once or twice the area, while the smaller ones can be done on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. Make sure you have the right tools, the right eye, and the go-to attitude to tackle any issues at their early stages.

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