Guide To Choose Building Supplies For Your Dream House

Home improvement is a major project for any homeowner owing to the amount of time, energy, and money that goes into ensuring its effective implementation. Whether you are renovating your entire house or just planning an extension such as building a patio area, garage, an additional story, and so on, there are a number of aspects to consider. One major investment is arranging for the essential supplies required for the construction process.

Categories of Building Materials and Supplies

A number of building supplies are needed for the construction project of a building ranging from building materials to fencing, ceiling, and roofing, so on and so forth. The supplies can be broadly divided into these categories:

Building Materials

The materials or raw materials used for renovating a building include natural as well as synthetic components. Broadly, both categories of materials include the following common types of elements:

  • Mud and Clay: Different styles of buildings use mud and clay differently for construction. The walls can be made either directly with mud mixture or by stacking air-dried mud bricks.
  • Rock: This is another common material used for giving protection to the building. Dry-stone walls are a common feature of many houses.
  • Concrete: This composite building material consists of a combination of aggregate and a binder such as cement. Portland cement concrete is a common form of concrete consisting of Portland cement, water, and mineral aggregate.
  • Bricks: Bricks are another material made of a kiln-fired material such as shale or clay or even low-quality mud. Such bricks are used for building the walls of a house in some areas.


Lumber comprises of planks, which are covered by other materials to provide a framework to the house or independently consisting of plywood or pressure treated lumber.


Fencing is another vital aspect of a home improvement project, which can be done using different materials. While wood fencing is durable and has a natural look, vinyl fencing is highly low maintenance. There is composite fencing as well, which give a look of wood and consists of low maintenance qualities.


The home improvement project of many households just includes molding the walls and ceilings. One can look for molding materials for floor molding, door and window molding, crown molding, exterior molding, and so on.

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The ventilation improvement of a house includes the use of supplies such as exhaust dryer vent kit, roof ridge vent, rafter vents, solar power roof vent, and other such things.

How to Find Materials and Supplies 

After deciding upon the types of supplies that you would specifically need for your particular home improvement project, it is important to know how to buy them at a good price. Here, is the process of buying supplies that you should follow:

  • Compile a final list of materials down to the last bolt required for the project. Your building contractor or architect would be able to help you in preparing this list.
  • The next step is to find an optimal supplier. You may visit the local stores that provide building supplies or ask your architect or contractor to recommend a supplier as such professionals generally know about good wholesalers that offer quality products at low prices.
  • The final step is to ensure that the supplier provides quality materials only at the low price. You may list your requirements to them and they would provide you with a price quote on the supplies.

By following this process, you would be able to get quality materials for your home renovation project. Make sure to consult a professional to ensure optimal purchasing experience of high-quality materials.

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