Tips to Remember While Selecting Digital Door Locks for your House

Be it the area in front of your home, your garage, the way to the front door, or to your office, a digital door lock is a very innovative and important means of ensuring security while maximizing the convenience factor for the user. They are unique, keyless, programmable locks that either replace or add to the traditional locks of the door and provide security along with making it easier for trusted people, like family members, to enter. In short, they are smart locks that make life simpler.


Why Choose a Digital Door Lock? 

A digital door lock is a great idea as it simplifies your lifestyle. You no longer need to remember to carry your keys, or search and fumble through the purses, pockets, and bags looking for keys. There is no chance of forgetting and losing keys or a need for finding spare ones. Best of all, you no longer need to design separate keys for guests, since everyone can use the same lock with their own identity. You also do not need to lock your doors on your way out, as the digital door lock usually has an automatic locking function set up so you never have to worry about it again. After pairing most of them with alarm security systems, they enhance protection from vandalism, theft and fire. Moreover, if the batteries ever run out, there is always a secondary means of signing in and gaining access, so you do not have to worry about power connectivity either!

You can also easily change the passcode with some of the digital door lock types. Let us dive right into the tips you need to select the best digital door lock for your place!

  • For Multiple Users: If multiple users are in mind, and you want a simple no-brainer solution that just works, go for a keypad based digital door lock that has number combinations as the password, either with or without a key in combination. The buttons are usually backlit, and the system allows many codes to be assigned to different people. People who misplace their keys often or go out frequently can opt for keyless keypad-based ones and go out on their travels while handing out a special temporary unique code to their neighbor. Some unique products also lock out the user in case of a set number of incorrect attempts at breaking in.
  • For Convenience: A wireless digital door lock that works on a technology, for example a smartphone generated signal such as Bluetooth to sense the device’s ID and open as and when you approach the door. At a proximity, the Bluetooth activates automatically and unlocks the door for you with ease. Similarly, an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) card or key fob can be scanned by the digital door lock while the card or key fob is in the wallet, purse or bag itself, meaning you no longer have to search for your keys to get in: you just scan it by bringing it near the lock, and enter! This contactless option is especially useful when you want to avoid fumbling for keys in the dark, or when you have too many bags with you.
  • For Foolproof Systems: A biometric digital door lock uses your fingerprint to allow entry access, which makes it highly secure and ready to withstand any kind of climate. These locks just require you to program your fingerprint once, and you are good to go!
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 For Digital Access, anywhere: Smartphone app-based solutions ensure you can control the lock from far away, and have more control, such as the history of access

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