Most Affordable Modular Transportable Homes Help Save Money

Most Affordable Modular Transportable Homes Help Save Money

“Home should be the treasure chest of living”. All of us yearn for this treasure chest. But with the growing economy and real estate prices, building a home may appear like a distant dream. However, there is a lot of innovation happening in this field. Builders and innovators know about the bigger problem. There is a successful attempt to make it “doable” for the common crowd. Yes -Times are changing when it comes to the way houses are built and used. Prefab is in. Traditional methods of construction are becoming more expensive and are less favored by those looking to build houses within a set budget. Even in the prefab category there are sub-categories. You can find the modular transportable or re-locatable homes. They are gaining popularity are a favorite with builders and engineers who have clients who are looking for budget homes.


What exactly is a modular transportable home?

You may confuse modular transportable home with an RV or a recreational vehicle. Both are similar in concept but different. A modular transportable home is mounted on wheels and can be easily towed away when required. The similarity ends here. RVs are totally mobile and rely on a battery for power and have self contained toilets and water supply. Transportable homes, though mounted on wheels, have electric utility supply and regular water supply and remain in one place.



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Types of prefab homes

Prefab housing means homes that are designed and then built in factories, not on site or at the location where the customer is looking to have the house built on.

Modular homes: The whole house may be built in a factory. They are usually split into modular sections, transported and assembled on site. These are like regular houses and require all the necessary licensing and permits like houses built on site. Modular homes may be built with steel, fiberglass or wooden beams with steel posts.


Panelized homes: Instead of sections of a home being built and assembled in a factory, the home is split into panels that are transported to the site and put in place. There is greater flexibility in design and more customization is possible.

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Manufactured homes: These are mobile homes. The entire house is built on steel frame and it some cases, this kind of even has wheels fixed to the chassis. This type of modular or transportable home is built in a factory and it is transported to the site by a truck and put in place – say on a piece of concrete slab. A level ground surface is all that is needed.. Once put in place the wheels stay there and are hidden by planks or skirts similar to the wall paneling. The owner has to apply for permits and obtain electric, plumbing and drainage facilities. Although this is listed in prefab homes, this is different in a way that because they have wheels and can be towed away if the owner decides to relocate.


Advantages of modular manufactured homes

If you love to move from one place to another then you will love manufactured homes or relocatable homes as they are known. Transportable homes can be moved at a moment’s notice.

You do not need to pack household goods since you are moving the entire home. Disconnecting utilities is a relatively simple matter.

If you are in a hurry to put up a home, it is best to order a standard transportable home. It can be delivered in weeks and become fully functional in a couple of days, provided you obtain permits for utilities beforehand.


It is good for a small family.

Since it is manufactured in a factory, you can expect standard quality and better insulation.


The main advantage of transportable homes is their extremely low cost vis-à-vis the square footage you get. If you want the most affordable home even from the prefab segment, transportable homes are the way to go. If you want a home in a short time, this is it. It is the cheapest and most affordable building option.

There are only a few drawbacks:

Such homes may not be considered as real estate assets. It is just one thing you own.

Width is limited due to transportation limitation. Width may be limited to 16 feet. If you can live with rooms 16 feet wide, then it is fine for you.

Transportable homes are said to have short lives and are not the most durable


Despite the drawbacks, affordability and speed with which you can get the transportable home constitutes the main attractions. Once your bank balance looks better, you can always go in for better options.

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