5 Ideas for Throwing Awesome Housewarming Party

Getting a new home is not a small thing and, of course, it’s a reason for celebration. However, after moving in, decorations and renovations, the last thing you want is to exhaust yourself with a party. But today it’s actually very easy to organize a party and still be thrilled about it.

With so many available solutions, you can simply do it in a few days, and not for a lot of money. In order to give you some ideas, we prepared these several suggestions which might help you with throwing an awesome housewarming party.  

  1. Before moving-in party

One way to save time and money is to throw a party before renovations and actual moving in the new place. But, if you want, you can add a twist to the mix – bring the tools and turn your party into one big construction project.

Part of you can paint the walls, others can clean the yard, and you can even print DIY instructions and try to build an outdoor barbecue, fire pit, pathways and assemble the furniture. This way your friends can help you out and you will be able to throw the party even if the money is scarce.  

  1. Lunch party

If you want to show off your new home, then inviting only the closest friends and family for lunch may be a good way to celebrate this big step. However, make it special. You can rent a big table with chairs for all your guests so you would all sit together. Hire waiters and caterers to make amazing food and keep you all well taken care of.

This may seem like a little too much, but it’s better to organize everything than slave away at the stove and worry about the results. You can have lunch inside or outside, depending on the space and season. Lunch parties are perfect for kids since they can spend time with you during lunch and later play together, or you can hire entertainment for them.

  1. Meet-the-neighbours party

One inevitable party is the one where you will invite your neighbors for a get to know the party in your new place. Since you will host the party for friends, family, and neighbors you have to make sure that everyone feels okay. Make some snacks, bite-sized ones, that will make everyone comfortable to eat and avoid knows allergens like shellfish or peanuts. 

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Opt for buffet and self-service so you can spend more time with your guests. You can hire a help or ask a friend or family member to help you with serving drinks. Designate one area for kids to play, make sure they’re entertained, so their parents can spend time chatting with other guests and having fun. 

  1. Tropical party

Those with a yard can go as far as to create a wonderful tropical party with inflated palm trees and swimming pools, artificial flamingos and a lot of pineapple cocktails. Use kombi hire services so you’ll have a real bar right there serving the famous tropical drinks. 

Place lanterns all around and on the tree branches and you can even put some sand in one area to emulate a beach. This type of party is perfect for summer evenings and mambo beats will keep the guests dancing all night. 

  1. Kid’s party

Of course, kids also changed their environment and meeting new friends could help them adjust. A party at your home is a great idea to help them meet the class better. Best kid’s parties are the ones with a theme, and depending on what’s popular at the time, you can make a cake and decorations. 

Use the yard for games and organize movie time as well. Outdoor cinema is a great way to entertain kids and you can make the screen all by yourself. Don’t forget balloons and, if the kids are small, you can hire a clown, a DJ and prepare a lot of cotton candy. 

All in all

Organising a party doesn’t have to be tiring. With so many options, you should see to make it easier for you and enjoy the party too. In the end, it’s important that everyone has fun and that your housewarming party is a hit.

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