Reasons Why Track-guided Ziptrak Blinds Better

According to the experts, track-guided Ziptrak blinds mean better protection from the sun and other elements. This advantage is due to the specific design of these blinds. The mesh or the clear PVC material that is used in its manufacture meets the track of these blinds without any gaps in between. This prevents any entry of insects or wind through it and also prevents the cold air from the room to escape through the blinds.

It is a patented design in which the blind material is attached to the branded spline tape that is welded securely to both the front as well as the rear of the blind material. This spline tape of the blind slides down the groove, found in the tracks and is fitted along the opening on the left as well as on the right side. Such reinforced spline tape allows the blind to grip firmly and securely to the vertical tracks of the blind. This prevents the bottom bar from rattling even in strongest of the winds.

Light and Effective to Use

The Ziptrak blinds are extremely light and easy to use, regardless of its size. The useful features that make this possible are:

  • The spring balanced system
  • The simple mechanism
  • You can push up or pull down the bottom bar even with one hand
  • Leave the bar at any height
  • The provided lull stick allows pulling down blinds that are above your head
  • There are no dangerous cords or rusty wire cables
  • There are no clumsy zippers
  • There is no automation

Go Wide and Lock in Place

The Ziptrak blinds locks into a place due to the specific and effective locking mechanisms. Even when it is fully down, it provides a secure hold when a strong wind is blowing. There is a centre lock release that you need to press in order to unlock the blinds.

The wide expanse of the Ziptrak blinds is another useful feature and a reason for its popularity. Unlike any traditional blinds, they cover an area up to 3.5 m tall and 6 m wide. This makes these blinds ultra-wide, enabling you to use a single-blind instead of multiple blinds. This means there are no gaps in between and you will have better protection for the outdoor space. There is a pelmet that protects the blinds from sun and weather when rolled up thereby, enhancing its life and functionality and protecting your investment as well.

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Few Other Useful Features

Few other useful features of Ziptrak blinds include:

  • It is rust free – It is made from aluminum, completely, and is rust free, thereby, making it perfect for coastal regions.
  • Three options for installing – You can select a pelmet, exposed cast brackets or a backflushing cast bracket, according to your installation structure.
  • No crank required – These blinds are simple and less time-consuming to operate as there is no crank stick adding clutter, you can simply push the blind up or pull it down quickly.
  • Architectural integration – The blinds seamlessly integrate with the outdoor area and if you have a modern or conservation building, Ziptrak is discreet and effective.
  • Cords or chains – There are no cords or chains since; it is operable with a single touch.
  • Insulation and child safety – These blinds provide superior insulation and are manufactured according to the child safety regulations.

A Few More Added Benefits

The list of useful features of Ziptrak blinds is endless. They can provide complete block out to make your space a movie theatre or a conference hall, depending on your requirement. You can also choose the light and translucent variant blinds. These blinds are versatile, can be installed easily and can also, reduce your heating and cooling expenses.

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