How I chose to use a cotton mattress?

As humans, we all spend nearly one third of our life in sleeping. The main question in our modern age is about the quality of sleep we get at nights or do we even get to sleep the hours that are required? Just like everyone, I have tossed and turned and that might be due to various reasons, including poor preparation of our bed. Have you ever thought that you had a disturbed sleep because of not sleeping on a comfortable bed.. you are not alone. Yes, a survey by National Sleep Foundation says 92% of people agreed that comfortable mattress is the main reason for good sleep.

There are many factors to consider while choosing the right mattress. It was difficult to arrive at the right options given that everyone is touting and everything being sold seems to be organic. It is difficult to differentiate between Dunlop latex and Talalay latex though I believe the former is much better. There is a plethora of foam which is really not something that appeals to me as its made from petroleum by products. Then there are natural fibers in wool, cotton and animal hairs.

I preferred japanese futon organic mattress over all others after doing considerable research and this is why-

Like produce, this can actually be made without chemicals- so it is truly organic 

Cotton used in the filling can be grown organically or by using pesticides and other chemicals during processing. Avoiding harmful chemicals is a key decision point to be considered in this chemically loaded environment. There is also the larger sustainability angle of reducing chemical footprint in the globe by supporting these farmers.

Mattress of choice for centuries

Cotton mattress are soft and smooth and gives a luxurious comforting feeling.  One of the qualities of cotton where it can absorb moisture and wick it to the surface keeps the body of the person lying the mattress dry when they sweat. This is one of the reasons Asians with tropical climate prefer the cotton mattress and most of our American history is filled with the wide and almost universal usage of these mattresses.

Best for allergies and irritation

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Unlike latex or other mattresses, cotton is not known for many allergies and so is very much considered even for infants or people with sensitive skin. Cotton is the universal fabric most medical professionals recommend for clothing allergy especially washed and non-chemical ones. people who have breathing allergies like Asthma, can comfortable choose cotton mattress over others.

It’s a cool fabric

We all know that cotton can breathe, which means there will be free circulation of air through the mattress, because of which unlike other mattresses, this gives a cool feeling. This sure will leads to a relaxing feeling, breathability is so crucial in the closed environments we live in these days with very little natural air circulation.


Because of its organic nature, people who have breathing allergies like Asthma, can comfortable choose cotton mattress over others.

Low Maintenance

Cotton mattress can be cleaned using water thoroughly and sun dried which doesn’t alter the quality of the mattress much. Besides that, these mattresses also can withstand high temperatures, which ultimately means maintenance is easier. Cotton mattress are also made with dual surfaces so they can be flipped and turned.

I hardly found any challenges of using natural cotton mattress, there are some who indicated that they can start to lose their filling after 8-12 years as its natural fibers but that can apparently be filled again quickly to renew its life.


Overall, this choice of going back in time is very exciting as this follows what we have been doing in the food practices as well. I cannot see why we would spend top dollars on mass produced foams and even steel springs for that matter when generations of humans have been using this with great morning results. I chose my mattress at Bed and Wood given their lowest price on the market and organic product range. The feeling of sleeping on a cotton filled mattress can be one of the most comfortable experiences, which is a personal view but not an exaggeration by any means. For me cotton mattress is the reason for great sleep.

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