How to Fix Common Bathroom Problems

Our bathroom is supposed to be our oasis of peace ‒ a place where we start and end our every day, and a place where we can simply relax and let go of everything else that is happening in our lives. Unfortunately, sometimes our bathroom can cause more problems than it solves if things aren’t exactly how they’re supposed to be in there. Some problems that you might have in your bathroom just may be a lot more common than you think, and there are easy ways to fix them, so let’s take a look.



This problem is especially common for smaller bathrooms because they usually lack windows and proper ventilation fixtures. Bad ventilation is most often just an unpleasant experience, causing a bad smell or high humidity in the room, but if you also use your bathroom to dye your hair or paint your nails, it can become a health hazard. The best way to tackle this is to place a small electric ventilator on your ventilation shaft and buy a timer, so it will regularly air out the room. If that’s not enough, you can also explore the option of placing a grid on the bottom of the bathroom door, for extra air flow.



Bathroom space is very precious and we often find ourselves not having enough of it. Even if you do have plenty of space, you don’t want to overcrowd it with too many cabinets, baskets and organizers. The best option is to get one large cabinet and organize it by importance: cleaning products can go on the bottom shelves, everyday toiletries at eye-level, and towels and spare clothing on top. It’s very important not to get shelves or cabinets that are too deep because that will only result in a messy cupboard filled with items that are past their expiration date, not used or simply forgotten. If you have some things that you only use occasionally, you can easily store them outside of the bathroom.



Especially during the colder months, we want our bathroom to feel like a warm hug every time we walk in. There are several ways to control the temperature in your bathroom: floor heating is the most popular option because it means that no step will be met with cruel, cold tiles. Next are built-in radiators and towel heaters. It’s important that you hire a reliable electrician to make sure that nothing you install is a safety hazard. A good idea is to install a separate thermostat for the bathroom heating because you might want to sometimes have it a bit warmer than the rest of the house. Whatever you do, don’t try to heat your bathroom up by using small, electric heaters because they are very dangerous to use in an area that has as much water as the bathroom.

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Shower and bathtub safety

Most injuries that happen in bathrooms happen in the shower because it is the place that is the most slippery and the one you are most likely to fall in. When choosing a shower, pick one that has a textured floor to prevent slips or put anti-slip mats or rugs around a freestanding bath. You can further upgrade your showers and baths by installing hand rails or folding seats, especially if you have someone who is recovering from an injury and can’t stand for long periods of time.

We should make feeling comfortable in our rooms a priority, and when it comes to bathrooms, it’s even more important since the water adds an extra element of danger, especially in a small space. There is no reason to live with those doubts and fears – simply use these tricks to fix those problems up and enjoy your new favorite spot.

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