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5 Tips to Pick the Interior for Your Living Room

The living room is probably the largest space in most modern homes. It is considered the most significant area for a few reasons. Firstly, it is where all family members congregate to catch up after spending the whole day apart. It is here they pass the time together, playing games and watching TV.

When guests are invited over, they are entertained in the living room. It is also the venue for parties thrown by friends and relatives. For these reasons, it is vital to invest in the living room’s interior decor, furniture and other accessories. It can be done without necessarily engaging the services of home decorators, as it has more to do with creativity and imagination than decorating skills. Just in case you get a little stuck, here are some useful tips to help you design a living room you will be proud of.


  1. Select your paint color last

The most prevalent misconception among homeowners, particularly those who’ve recently acquired a new place, is to pick paint color first. This way, they try to match other things in the living area, for instance, sofas, rugs, artwork, and upholstery, to the wall painting which is a wrong way to go about it. Work with colors that best complement components of your living room, and not the other way around.

Lighting is another key factor to consider when selecting a paint color. Your friend’s wall painting may seem very attractive, but when the color is tried out in your living room, it ultimately backfires. This could be due to differences in lighting. Pick a color that is best brought out by the light sources in your house. Now which color might that be? Only experimentation can tell.

  1. Furniture placement

When it comes to the planning of furniture in the living room, most people get a little stuck. They tend to squeeze all the furniture into every bit of space in the room, giving it a cluttered and overcrowded appearance. Resist the urge to do this. Give your furniture the space to breathe. Work with the space available, and not the amount of furniture you own. Learn to invest in few, but high-quality pieces of furniture, so that there is room for you and your loved ones to maneuver with ease. Having a jam-packed environment is the least optimal solution here, comfort and functionality are more essential. Hell, even a college dorm can benefit from this idea.

  1. Artwork
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There is no denying that hanging pieces of artwork on your walls gives out a sophisticated and modern look. These could be gallery paintings or even self-portraits. For best results, hang pieces of artwork at strategic points so that they don’t end up fading into the background.

Another factor to consider while hanging artwork is height. Pieces of art hung in galleries are approximately sixty inches from the ground. This is a height that allows viewers a clear view of the artwork, without straining their necks and eyes. It is advisable to employ the same technique in your domicile.

  1. Design your focal point

Every area should have that one element that draws a person’s eye, one that is the center of attention. It should stand out above all else in the room. Depending on your interests, a focal point can be any element of your living room. You could pick your favorite art piece as your focal point, or you could decide to go with the fireplace, it is entirely up to you. Some people can even use lighting as the most attractive element, to great effect.

  1. Be bold

The main reason why most living rooms look dull and unadventurous is that most homeowners shy away from experimenting. Do not let fear hold you back. Incorporate your personality into your living room accessories. Spice it up with a little creativity. Making your statement is what creates a beautiful living space. Add something unexpected, for instance, a massive chandelier, for dramatic effect. You will not know what works and what doesn’t if you don’t try. Just don’t go around adding screws and hammering nails to everything that looks funny or out of place.

The above guidelines are not carved in stone. It is really up to you to design a living space that you are a hundred percent comfortable with. Go with something personal that you can relate to. Work with the design and do not shy away from experimenting. Alternatively, you may engage the services of professional home decorators to help you pick designs that work best.


Robert Everett: I am a freelance writer currently based in Chicago. Solving students career and university problems. Having an interest in marketing and business, working for payforessays.blogspot.com

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