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When starting a new project at work, it can be very difficult to figure out where to start. There are a number of simple things that you can do that will help you to get started and create a successful project. Here are some top tips…

  1. Share your vision

Sharing your objectives and goals to your team helps them to understand the overall vision and outcome of a project at work. If you don’t inform your team on what’s happening, they will get demotivated and think that the work won’t achieve anything.

  1. Make a team information list.

Create a list of your team’s contact details, names, roles, department etc and share this with your team so that they have a clear understanding of the overall project plan.

  1. Involve your team in the initial project plan.

Get your team involved with the initial project plan. Conclude details and brainstorm ideas during the meeting.

  1. Measure your success.

Make sure that you measure the whole team’s performance so that they can understand what is expected from them.

  1. Review your plan for your project at work and identify any potential risks

Encourage your project team to ask how a risk can be resolved. Prepare the group for any critical stages in the project so that they can understand how important they are.

  1. Create a logistics system to improve communication

How do you communicate with your team? Creating a process to improve this, is key during the project. Schedule regular stand up meetings for your team so that you are constantly updated.

  1. Choose your project management methodology.

There are many project management methodologies out there that can improve the efficiency and productivity of a project at work. PRINCE2 training has been known as the most popular as it has been proven to be successful in a variety of business environments.

  1. Decide with software and tools your team will use.

Think about what tools can improve the productivity of your project. Make sure that your team is familiar on how to use the tools and accelerate the project forward.

  1. Schedule the meeting to start the project at work

Everyone in your team has to be there, even if it’s a conference call or video chat. Be confident when presenting your plan. If you look confident and have done your research, your team will also feel confident and will be behind you from the word go!

  1. Create hand outs and presentation slides for the meeting.
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If you send this to your team, this will help them to keep up to date on their work and stay informed about the overall objectives.

BONUS TIP! Create team building tasks.

Having team building tasks can help your team build relationships and trust with each other. This will also encourage staff to support each other if they are struggling with work load!

Another way to build the relationship of a team is to take them to a training course. If you feel that your staff need to work more efficiently, they will need to be taught how to work as a team, courses can help your team do achieve this which will make them feel more comfortable working with each other!

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