Creative Resume: The New Job Passport To Get On Board

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Your resume should be viewed as if it is a boarding ticket to your destination of choice. Your next employer. This may just be a piece of paper with words on it, and it may not reveal who you are in real life, but it is most of the time the only means by which you are going to get to the interview(er), your destination.

Write or design a creative resume, like ninja

You’ve got 1 chance. Make sure your resume sticks onto people’s minds when they see it. Employers look for quality on the first hand, but then also look for the special details. Things that just strikes them in the stacks of resumes that they would have to go through for different positions. If you’re not that good in wording, use creative ways to highlight your skills.

That being said, it’s better to not appear robotic or regular. The employer doesn’t wan’t the average worker. He/she wants the best. The craziest. Someone who will bring fresh air to the company. You should really blend politically correct with a bit of craziness, a subtle yet unmistakable personal touch that will get the interviewer’s attention. So how is this done? Well, simply be honest with yourself! If you are hesitant to put something in because you see the potential for misunderstanding, then just don’t. Don’t be stupid either.

Give them something to really think about

So to help you understand what I am talking about when I say personal flair or touch let me give you an example. Employers value a good work-ethic right? Everyone knows that! But just imagine how many times that an employer had to read the words:”I have a strong work-ethic”!

There’s of course a million ways to approach your resume. But the best way will always be the personal approach. Do something crazy. Be a ninja.

What do you think?


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