Screaming Proof That It’s Time To Switch Your Job

LXP - Lifexpe - Screamin proof that you need to switch your job

You think you’re burning out? Don’t ignore the signs! Maybe it’s time to switch your job? Change your career path?

Switching careers is a brave thing to do. A really brave thing to do. Especially when you’ve been working for the same employer for over 5 years. Changing your job could affect your income, thus your financial situation and even where you live. It’s not a decision that people should take lightly, and it’s something that is viewed differently by everyone.

You Don’t Like To Talk About Your Job

Let me ask you 2 questions. Promise me to give me an honest answer! Do you love to tell people about your job? Would you continue doing what you do for 10 more years?

If your answer is no, then read on. Because it’s simple; [tweet]You should enjoy going to work and do what you love for a living![/tweet]

“It’s not me, it’s my boss!” I hear you. Read on.

You Need A Break From Stress

Most of the time when people leave, it’s due to bad management. People leave managers, not companies. So, do you feel like you’re working for the devil himself? Or just a demon to be more accurate. If your manager never compliments you or rewards you for the extra miles you do almost every week, then that person is toxic to you. Period.

If you feel like your manager or supervisor:

  • Doesn’t care for you or look after you
  • Is never kind to you – without asking you something in return
  • Does not recognise your contributions and never rewards good work
  • Doesn’t honour his or her commitments


  • The majority of your day is spent on tasks you find stupid or too overwhelming
  • You feel like nothing you do makes a difference or is appreciated by anyone
  • The company fails to challenge people intellectually


Then why are you still working there? For the money? An hour of your life would never equal what you get paid for by the job you do. Your worth is not even based on the kind of job you do at all. You should take a break from the stress and try something totally new. For example, if you spent some time volunteering for a charity and working in Africa (or somewhere else), you will gain much more satisfaction than any manager could give you.

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People are afraid to leave and start over. You’re maybe afraid to switch your job. I get that. But if you were involved in an internal or external project, you can illustrate how you managed to do what you did, getting people to work together as a team and to achieve a common goal. The things you learned from your project can be applied in any situation. Whatever your experience, you should be able to use elements of it to illustrate how you could be valuable to another company in a senior position. You didn’t waste your time doing the job you hate so much!

Bottomline: [tweet]You should not be afraid of taking a new turn for your life.[/tweet]


Quote Ray Beharry Recruitment Screaming Proof That It's Time To Switch Your Job

Switch your job (current) for something you love

Don’t be afraid. It’s not whether you have changed careers that interests a recruitment firm or the recruiting company itself; it’s why, and what you’ve learned that could benefit them as a company or their clients. It could be that your career switch gives the client exactly what they are looking for. Or exactly what you were looking for. It’s up to you to turn it into something positive.

What do you think?


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