10 Interesting Ways to Use Garlands for a Good Mood

When we see garlands decorated in homes and offices, it only means one thing: it’s the festive season. Usually hung during the Christmas season, garlands could actually be used in any festivity. This evergreen ornament could signify a celebratory season, so any season – especially Christmas – would be incomplete without the garlands.

Placing garlands in one’s home could increase the aesthetic of its interior design. Hence, it would be great if you decorate using these beautiful ornaments. But more than beautifying our homes, garlands could also help in providing us good mood.

To guide you on how to make the most out of this evergreen, we have listed ten interesting way to use garlands for a good mood.

1. The Dining Table Garland


When placed on a dining table, a garland usually increases the aesthetic of the dining place. But aside from enhancing the beauty of the dining area to a higher level, placing a garland on the area could also lighten your mood while eating. Because you are surrounded by ornaments, you get this light feeling that you are surrounded by a garden.

2. Embellishing cabinets with garlands


While it is able to serve its purpose efficiently, a cabinet could become a boring addition to a room if you do not place any design on it. It is worth noting that a vibrant bedroom could also help liven up the mood. You could add some garlands to your cabinets or closets to make them more alive and fresh. 

3. A colorful make-shift garland for the kids


Kids love their rooms decorated. These decorations will surely brighten up their mood, allowing them to be active throughout the day. Many rooms built for kids are filled with embellishments, so why not make a colorful garland as an addition to the room. To make it more creative, you could try a make-shift garland. Instead of using evergreens, you could utilize colorful socks or stockings.

4. Garlands with messages


Instead of using evergreens, you could also opt for paper in making garlands. Only this time, you could add uplifting messages on the garland. You could try pasting short heartwarming messages on each portion of ornament. You could also spell out a word or a group of words on each part of the garland. This way, you are always greeted with a motivational message whenever you get to see it.

5. Lively Outdoor Garlands


As mentioned earlier, an interior filled with garlands do not only help beautify the area but also improve someone’s mood. This is same is through with garlands embellished outside the homes. Lively outdoor garlands could help brighten up someone’s feeling, especially if these ornaments have further embellishments such as Christmas lights. They should be placed in strategic locations such as the main door.

6. A Colorful Mix of Colors


If you come to think of it, plain and monochrome colors could sometimes be boring, especially if the color is dark and bland. To remedy this, you could decorate your homes with garlands filled with varying colors. From the balls to ribbons, colors should exude radiance and elegance so that you could absorb these bright energies, too.

7. Living Room Garland


After a long day at work, you might seem exhausted, so you rest in your living room. It could help if your environment is soothing. But if you have a plain living room, you might not enjoy the rest that you are hoping for. Lighten up your mood by placing bright and colorful garlands in your living room. 

8. Mirror Garland Decoration


Make your mirrors more breathtaking by placing green garlands with golden or reddish embellishments. By doing so, you make your mirrors more dazzling to look at. This way, when you are gazing at yourself at the mirror, you also reflect the dazzle that the gold and green garlands are showcasing. Doing this will surely brighten up your mood.

9. Use of metal-based garland


Continue bedazzling your homes with these metal garlands. Since they are metals, they will surely illuminate by reflecting the bright lights inside your homes. Of course, who would not change their moods if they see shining and shimmering objects flashed before their eyes? Garlands which are made up of metals are a good addition to your houses.


10. Bookshelf garland


When you are designing your bookshelves, you could hang evergreen garlands on it. This way, your bookshelves will pop out from your room. As mentioned before, you could hang motivational messages on the garland which you could read time and again to brighten up your mood. Moreover, these messages will allow you to engage better with the book that you are planning to read.

Final Thoughts

Garlands do help beautify in one’s interior. But aside from being a festive ornament, they also help in giving a good mood. Whether the season is, you could try hanging a garland.

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