Chocolate: Health Benefits, Facts & Figures

Chocolate is one of the most popular foods in the world today. The initial traces of chocolate date back to 1900 BC when it was found in regions like Mexico and Guatemala, mainly in the form of beverages. 

The chocolate industry has grown rapidly over the years. Currently, it is $101 billion strong market, as predicted by Statista. 

West Africa currently is the largest producer of cocoa globally. More than 70% of the global produce comes from this region.

It is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 5% by 2021, Technavia forecasts. 

From plain chocolates to desserts, pudding, brownies, cakes and bakery stuff, chocolate is used in multiple forms and flavours these days. 

Chefs and cooks absolutely love serving chocolate recipes. It is used as an ingredient and garnishing agent in most of the foods that we eat everyday. 

From time to time, researchers have been conducting studies to find out the what chocolate has to offer in terms of health.

Cardiovascular issues benefit largely from cocoa consumption, especially dark chocolate. Stroke, Alzheimer’s, memory loss are some of the other conditions where chocolate is found to be useful.

Though some people also associate chocolate with health problems like excessive weight, obesity and sugar but these can easily be negated if the chocolate is consumed sensibly, keeping a tab on its daily portions. 

Remember the old saying “Excess of everything is bad’? This applies not just for chocolate but for any food we eat.

Take a look at this gorgeous infographic on chocolate which beautifully illustrates its health benefits along with some facts and figures. 

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