3 Ways To Clear Your Home And Mind

Some of us may not be aware of it, but having a messy household can trigger serious stress reactions. Just stop and think about how relaxed you find yourself to be whilst being surrounded by clutter. We know it’s almost impossible to get there. After you come home from the office and you feel an excessive need for silence and calmness, returning to a clutter packed house doesn’t provide you with what you need, it does the opposite instead. What it does is stimulate you even further. This way your senses have to work overtime, and it ends up making you even more exhausted than before. Additionally, if you couldn’t wait to come home and devote some time to your favorite hobby, clutter will make the process of focusing on that particular thing even harder than you thought it would. Finally, keeping a messy house will leave you in an utter state of guilt and embarrassment, especially when friends are coming around.

We think you get the picture about how a clear house is deeply connected to a clear mind. Truthfully, there are many ways through which you could achieve that balance. Here are our 3 favorite ways that will kick you off on your journey of becoming the master of your house and mind.



People who are firm believers in minimalism and possessing only what they truly need, are rarely faced with clutters that drive them out of their minds. Of course, it’s not necessary to reduce yourself to leading a minimalistic lifestyle, but a great lesson can be learned from it. Occasionally pick up a few empty boxes and stuff them with all of those things that are objectively redundant. Donate them, store them in the garage or throw them away if they are really filled with unusable trash. Besides that, keep your cleaning process as simple as possible. Making a schedule is a good place to start, because it can offer you a sense of achievement that represents THE food for our minds. For example, make a one day-one room routine. We promise you’ll be much more motivated because less work comes your way on a daily basis, and your sense of achievement will go through the roof!

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Nothing can match the power of a healthy family support! Trust us, not only is it going to be more fun, but it will also get the job done quicker. As we mentioned before, make a schedule and stick to it. Make sure that every family member has its own set of responsibilities. As long as you keep it fun and bond over it, your house and your mind will be immeasurably grateful. However, if you are living on your own, either cue the music up, or have your best friend come over for a cleaning party he/she will never forget! There is nothing wrong with it. Having strong relationships with our friends is  an important factor for maintaining a high level of well-being.



One important element that keeps moodiness at bay is light. Try to keep your blinds open all the time. An additional factor that is highly complementary with light is color. Next time when your decide to repaint your walls, choosing a light color that opens up your space is a great way to steer positive feelings into your life. However, none of the aforementioned will be as effective as they can be if you have wrongly placed elements cramping up your life space. Always try to organize your rooms in such a way that makes them feel as spacious as can be. Try to avoid having to do a slalom in order to get to your desk. Paint it light, keep it light, and don’t cramp it up!

However, not wanting to deal with the clutter shouldn’t be perceived as a shameful act. If your life is too stressful and overwhelming as it is, don’t shy away from hiring an extra pair of hands to help you with your organizing. We recommend you Singapore’s part time maids. Professional, responsible and meticulous, to name but a few traits that will surely suffice your every criterion.

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