How to Choose the Perfect Exterior Paint Palette

How to Choose the Perfect Exterior Paint Palette

Deciding which paint you want for your home exterior can be challenging since you should think about many aspects. The exterior of your house isn’t just the representation of you, but a part of the entire street. Therefore, the colour should complement the design of other houses, and be in harmony with the neighbouring homes. Furthermore, painting the exterior isn’t cheap; so, you must choose the colour carefully so you don’t end up regretting the choice in the end.

Think About the Architectural Style of the House

Various house styles call for different exterior paints. While you may think a Victorian home could be painted the same way a ranch-style house, the truth is quite the opposite. Therefore, before you decide to paint your saltbox a modern green colour, be sure to consult with the professionals because they know that certain architectural styles call for specific shades. What’s more, this can especially be helpful if your entire neighbourhood is built in a certain architectural style, so your exterior paint won’t clash with others in the street.

How to Choose the Perfect Exterior Paint Palette

Pick at Least Three Colours

When you start thinking about the perfect colour for your home exterior, be sure to have at least three shades in mind. Namely, the most dominant colour is going to be for the walls, an accent colour is meant to decorate any trims, fences, and shutters, while the third choice is for the door. The entire point of an accent colour is to make the primary colour pop, and create the perfect contrast. Therefore, if you pick dark shade for the primary colour, consider white for accent elements. What’s more, go for bold colours when it comes to door shades, and paint them red or orange to really make a statement.

The Visual Effect

Brighter colours are perfect for houses that are surrounded with trees and set back from the road. Considering they’re hidden behind all the greenery, bright colour won’t look so radiant and the house will have a nice appeal. On the other hand, if the house looks too prominent now, try to lessen the effect by opting for a more subdued colour. However, you can always make certain parts of the house more noticeable by accentuating them with a contrasting shade.

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How to Choose the Perfect Exterior Paint Palette

Paint Chips Are Not Reliable

While paint chips should help us make the right choice when we are buying paint, they are often very misleading. Just because peach looks the way it does on the chip, it doesn’t mean it will look exactly like that on your house. Therefore, be sure to buy a test can of concrete paint so that you can try it out on a small part of the wall. This way, you’ll be able to fix any damage, and opt for more suitable colour if the first one doesn’t meet your expectations.

Consider Other House Elements

Before you make the final decision on the perfect exterior paint, have in mind the elements of the house that are difficult to change. Namely, choose the colour that matches the roof, stonework, or some other elements that you don’t plan to change any time soon. Go for the colour that will complement these, and create harmony in the exterior décor.

How to Choose the Perfect Exterior Paint Palette

Choosing the perfect paint for your home exterior can definitely be challenging and time-consuming. Various factors will influence your decision; so, be sure to think about every little detail before you make your final choice. Not only should you consider the architectural style of your house, but of the entire neighbourhood as well. Think about what kind of a visual effect you want to create, don’t rely too much on paint chips, and match the colour to the elements such as the roof and stonework.

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